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Bio Spritual Existence

From the Inside Out ... Biospiritual existence
by Edward B. Toupin

The human being is composed of three distinct components: body, mind, and soul.The body is the electro-mechanical device that houses our souls. The mind is the controller and communicator between the body, the soul, and the Universe. The problem these days is that, while we work to strengthen our bodies through diet and exercise and we work to enhance our souls through church and religion, we miss out on the continued growth of the mind beyond the established, orthodox boundaries. Indeed, we do educate ourselves, but there are other aspects of education and understanding that we dismiss from our growth as complete human beings. Instead of seeking knowledge, we merely accept the answers to the "big questions" on the faith of religion and society.

Spiritual Growth

Indeed, the reference to spiritual growth usually sparks thoughts of organized religion. However, "true" spiritual growth has little to do with spirits, gods, and monsters. It has to do with our ability to expand our minds beyond our earthly boundaries.

It is the communication and communion with all and others in our community and across the galaxy. It is in understanding what we truly are as human beings and spiritual essence.

Circa 325 AD, organized religion has been dismissing the metaphysical and teaching that our spiritual self stops with deities. Those unanswered questions that we all fear are accepted through faith-based derisions as opposed to fact-based knowledge.By disavowing the spiritual self beyond our human existence and
teachings, we limit our knowledge and inborn capabilities.

Health and Life

From research by scientific leaders such as Dr. Hal Puthoff, we have come to see our beings as more than just water, chemicals, and electrical impulses. Our fluid bodies are formed by an "energy mold" that becomes what metaphysicians call our "aura." With the mapping of the DNA, this aura guides the growth and existence of the human body through life. At death, the energy dissipates and the physical turns to dust. Health and life
control the amplitude of this energy. The greater this energy,
the greater our presence in the physical world and the spiritual Universe.

This energy is also the core of our healing abilities. Internally, our organs are grown and function according to the shape and amplitude of the energy field. If our energy field changes, we grow ill, anxious, or depressed. Our health is depleted.The work on our Chakras through techniques such as Reiki provides us with an approach to replenishing and opening our energy points within our bodies.

With this in mind, and coming to understand the power of our own energy fields, by controlling these fields and our interactions with the higher-self, we will be able to control disease and maladies within our physical beings. Imagine being able to alter our energy fields to regrow limbs, alter the energy of cancer cells, or repair damaged tissue.


But, there is more to this energy than just life. It provides us all with a natural interface between our physical being and the ocean of energy around us. It is the mechanism that allows us to sense and retrieve knowledge from the Universe around us. We can reach out to either acquire or influence through time and space.

Two of the more common methods of using this energy are "remote viewing" and "remote influencing." These techniques of interfacing with remote times and locations have been in use for decades by the military and many law enforcement agencies. Although many see it as a carnival sideshow of psychics, indeed, it is a proven and professional mechanism for
communicating and extracting information.

Importance of the Spiritual Self

It is evident that man's mental status cannot be judged against abnormal behaviors presented by today's religious and societal norms. It must be evaluated against their spiritual as well. It is easier to dismiss someone with a psychological term instead of evaluating their spiritual connectedness. Indeed, lacking spirituality in one's life removes a balancing piece of the human being.

We all require a belief in something greater to provide a balance in our lives. Although faith-based religion provides denigrating answers to the big questions, it instills fear in its followers. However, knowledge-based spirituality provides a basis for intellectual intercourse with the Grid , the ever-present storage house of every entity that lives, has ever lived, and will ever live.

I am not speaking of the belief in a god or whether someone is a good Christian and goes to church every Sunday. What I am speaking of is the acceptance of something greater than us and among us all. This belief makes us whole and gives us a connection that allows us to create and conceive from the vast expanses of the Universe.

What's next?

It is essential that we, as physical beings, come to understand our spiritual selves. Many have turned their back against their spiritual self because of one difficult issue or another. But, realize,that by turning your back on this part of your being, you are turning your back on yourself. Come to terms with yourself and accept that your physical self and spiritual self require one another to live a balanced and fulfilling physical life.

Know that, while your physical self is down here working, your
spiritual self is cutting deals and establishing paths for you in your future. Learn how to communicate with it and interface with your Universe through your "energy interface." In this way, you can create a world like none other simply by influencing your Universe and acquiring the knowledge necessary to know the path.

About the Author

Edward B. Toupin is an author, publisher, life-strategy coach,
counselor, Reiki Master, technical writer, and PhD Candidate
living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books, articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from career success through life organization and fulfillment. Check out some of his recent print and electronic books as well as his articles covering various life-changing topics!

For more information, and to find out about his upcoming title on book publishing, e-mail Edward at or visit his site at!

Copyright (c) 2004 Edward B. Toupin

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