Life with Tarot
(c) Bonnie Moss June 2013 and Cheryl Lynne Bradley
Tarot has been around for centuries. It was and still is  popularized as a 
tool for fortune telling. In the Medieval times, at the height of the 
persecution of suspected heretics, Tarot must have been tucked  
away in seclusion among other practices. But tarot never disappeared.
There were believers who turned to the wisdom and insight of tarot.

Tarot has  stirred the minds of many philosophers, occultists, mystics. 
Today, into modern era,  psychologists,writers and other artists have 
come forward with their work on Tarot. Writers were inspired  to write 
books on the esoteric side of tarot. There are scholars who delve into 
the link between Tarot and the Kaballah and other metaphysical aspect 
of Tarot. Many artists  create their own decks, a new tarot  deck is 
out every twenty minutes.

Into the 21st century, Tarot sweeps the world, thanks to the phenomenal 
desire for “an awakening” in the hearts and minds of today's society. 
Many realize that Tarot can be a very helpful tool in the quest for 
spirituality.There are Tarot enthusiasts, practitioners, true believers 
who promoteTarot, write about Tarot, create Tarot decks, make Tarot 
part of their daily life.

They turn to the wisdom and insight of Tarot as they navigate this 
interesting, mysterious at times difficult journey we call Life.There are 
others who apply their knowledge along with their intuitive gifts and  
try to make a living by reading Tarot cards.

Actuially, it is such a misinterpretation when many refer to a Tarot reading
as  “fortune telling.” The images of Tarot are symbolic, they convey deeper 
meanings at the soul level. Tarot for some is a very public journey and it can 
be misunderstood and misconstrued. 

Cheryl Lynne Bradley,organizer of Tarot Day in Canada, writes:
"For a great many people, Tarot is a very private journey seeking peace 
of  mind, deeper understanding of soul, a closer relationship with God, 
however you may conceive that to be, and an embrace of personal 

For many people life is difficult to navigate and they have found comfort 
in the Tarot or in the wisdom and kindness of the many gifted Tarot readers 
who listen without judgment, give without expecting anything back and share 
compassion, wisdom and humour during other peoples hours of darkness 
or indecision. 

There are ladies and gentlemen who give their lives to Tarot with grace 
and authenticity, sharing their gift of insight with their clients. All too 
often, clients forget their reader till the next time they need some 
answers. Take a moment to let your Tarot reader know how much 
they mean to you, they most surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

 To all beautiful Tarot friends, fellow enthusiasts and 
clients here, and on the other side of the veil, for their support, caring 
and concern over the years. We have built something wonderful 
together; a legacy for those struggling today and for future generations
which was born out of our collective wisdom, knowledge, observations 
and the pain of our own experiences. "

Life with tarot is not an easy journey. There are readings when the 
cards take the seeker on an entirely different aspect of Life. Tarot can 
be an eye opener to what one needs to know, issues one has not 
considered. This is the mystery of the wisdom of tarot.

We are Tarot!

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