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 Heirarchy of Angels

Angelic Petition and Rituals

by Bonnie Moss 2004-11

Angels are around us, they are sent here on earth to minister to our needs, to guide us, 
to be the messengers of God.It is worth noting that in the past few years,there is growing 
interest and pursuit of the study of angels. Rituals that once were cast to oblivion has 
been revived, more people are paying attention to their angels, try to understand who 
and what are angels and ask for their help and guidance.

Many people ask: "If angels are so powerful, why don't they intervene in our lives when 
we need them to?" The answer is simple . . . By cosmic law, angels can only intervene in 
our lives when we ask them to. 
We must remember that the angelic realm is not limited by time and space.They are
multi-dimensional, they can manifest their presence in different locations simultaneously. 
They are bestowed with their own powers. It is believed that they intercede for us, since 
their divine nature fills them with love. 

One way to seek the assistance of an angel is with a petition. Belief in the existence of 
angels transcends all faiths. Angels are associated with the seven classical planets to 
include the Sun and the Moon. They also have days of the week designated to them. Many refer 
to these as Assisting Angels. There are countless angels , only God knows their number.

Preparation for a Petition/ Ritual

It is our nature to prepare for any event in our lives. Whether it's social, professional  
recreational or any other aspect of our activities, there is a preparation time. It is 
the same for angel ritual.

Before you start, be clear in your mind about what it is you need help with. Find out 
which angel to turn to.Preparation of the mind, body and spirit is recommended as part 
of the ritual. This includes a shower, or at least wash your hands. An overnight fast,
if a day's fast is not possible, is a good way to prepare the mind ,body and spirit.

There are different variations in any ritual, my rule of thumb is : Use your intuition.
Some recommendations are too strict and ceremonial,takes away the personal touch.As well, 
planetary days of the week designations may be different.I believe in daily prayer, 
Crisis does not choose a particular time or day. My thoughts.

Choose a table or an area for the ritual. You'll need a tablecloth , candles to reflect
the color of the angel you are going to ask for help from, incense, crystals, 
(if you have them),other objects precious to you,like a statue.

A small bowl of salt water (salt added to the water, stirred)a plant or fresh flowers,
pen and paper.
When you feel you are ready:

Take a  moment to meditate to clear you mind;
Light the candles and incense arrange the objects on the table, set an area for you 
to write, preferably facing East. Take the salt water, sprinkle around the four corners
of your chosen area. This is to purify your space and ward off unwelcome energies.
Start from the east, to the south, next the west and then north.
Write down your petition. If you are familiar with the Theban script, it is highly 
recommended. Theban is the script of the angels.

Start reading it facing east, then south, west and lastly, north.
When you're finished, fold your petition,put in an envelope and set it on your altar,
or your sacred space. Let the candles and incense burn (tealight candles are recommended 
for safety reasons.)When you think you've received enlightenment, answer to your petition.
It is recommended that you burn the whole envelope and bury the ashes.
Some angels respond quickly, some take time,have faith and be patient.

Sample of prayer:
In the name of the Almighty creator of all that is,
I call upon you Great Angel.....................
as Ruler of this day, Prince of the planet.........
to grant me this, my petition:..............................
May this wish be granted for the good of myself and harm to no one.
Thanksgiving, after ritual:
I honor and thank you angel.......
for granting this, my wish in the name of the Almighty.
Hail and farewll.
This article evolved from my belief in angelic assistance. I thank the internet for 
valuable resource materials unfortunately, some writers prefer anonymity.

Reference is also taken from:The Book of Angels by Francis Melville

Angel Theban Script
How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

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