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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach

Our minds are much like our homes. They both get  cluttered with old ideas, old attitudes, 
old conversations,  old hurts. Both,need a routine cleaning out of stuff that we collected for 
one reason, and are holding onto out of habit, neglect, or just sheer willfulness.

Pursuing a simple, sustainable, flexible, happier lifestyle means that you have to choose it. 
And that means choosing to lose some other things. It means  getting rid of things that no 
longer work for you, it means updating  the way you do things, it means freeing up some 
space for new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

Just like cleaning your home, a mental Spring Cleaning takes a dedicated effort, a conscious 
choice to make changes in your mind the same way you make changes in your dťcor.

Here are some ideas to get you started on a 
Spring Cleaning for your Life:

1. Clean out the anger, hatred, jealousy, and self doubt. If
you need to apologize, bite the bullet and do it. If youíre still
angry and waiting on an apology from someone who wonít or canít
give you one, decide to let it go. Itís not contributing to your
life -- in fact itís contaminating it -- so it needs to go to the
junk heap at the curb. Only then can you put something POSITIVE
in itís place. Make some room for happiness.

2. Wash away delay and procrastination. Delay and
procrastination set you up for frustration after frustration.
Youíll find yourself constantly in the past, trying to catch up,
scrambling around trying not to get caught. Is that really how
you want to live. Get into the present! Youíre missing your
life by living yesterday over and over.

3. Dust off your attitude, and put on a fresh coat of positive. 
  A positive attitude begins with gratitude. For just one day, practice
 giving instead of taking, practice sharing as much love, help, care, concern,
 and gratitude as possible. Itíll change your perspective.

4. Throw out misunderstanding, and lack of patience.
Sweep out the dirt of gossip or lies. Open the shades and let in
the warmth of friendship. True friendships, take work, time,
energy, thoughtfulness. True friendships require forgiveness,
require understanding. You donít want to be a doormat to anyone,
but you do want to find relationships that are equal and
reciprocal. The results are certainly worth it.

5. Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun. Yes life is 
difficult and the world can be a scary tiresome place. But in
your own world, you are in charge of every day. You decide what
to think about. You decide when to laugh, you decide what to
read, what to listen to, what to think about. Choose to insert
laughter into each day; choose to have a little fun every day.

6. Open the windows of your mind to new ideas and a fresh perspective on 
living a happier, better, easier life. Change takes action. Thereís no 
silver bullet, no magic pill. But if youíll open your mind to some 
different ways of doing things, if youíll try some new habits, if youíll 
work your mind muscles and your organizational skills in a different way, 
youíll find that  youíll create the life that you truly want, not just the one that
you end up with.

7. Enjoy the person you are. If you donít like yourself, find
out why, and start working on becoming a person you do enjoy and
that others will enjoy also. The returns will be worth it.

Life Coach Kathy Gates specializes in helping people who are ready to create a simpler, 
less stressful, more meaningful lifestyle. Want to know how? 

Visit: to learn more and sign up for her newsletter.

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