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Count Your Blessings

by Bonnie Moss (c) 2005 -02

Each day brings a new beginning. It's a new leaf in the story 
of your life.It can be bright, cheerful and positive, with the 
courage to face another day, whatever it may bring with 
enthusiasm. Or, let the dark clouds hover and you shiver 
in the cold. Let yourself be overcome with the jitters. Wallow 
in all the negative issues in your life, past and present. 
You are a victim,helpless and forgotten. You are ready to go 
back to bed and hide from the world under the comfort and s
ecurity of your blanket. Where does this get you?You don't 
want your day to be filled with these powerful negative 
NO. Remember, negative thoughts develop energy of their 
own, take a life of their own and if you let it, this energy 
can overwhelm you.

If you'd only stop and be thankful for another day, another 
page in your life. Enjoy your first cup of  coffee, juice or 
whatever nourishment you take to start your day. Energize 
yourself,bless today with a prayer and a smile, a big dose 
of faith and optimism. Feel the fresh air, savor the peace 
around you, your freedom from aggression, from natural 
causes or that caused by man .
What are you afraid of? Fear tends to be bigger than you, 
and clouds your thinking.Fear is a powerful emotion. Take 
control, shower yourself with a refreshing outlook as 
you start your day. Empower yourself. A problem is only 
as unmanageable as you allow it to be.Take another sip 
of coffee and some deep breathes.This is your world, 
let it be a world of your design.

Welcome today with feelings of faith and courage.It's not 
about waking up each day with the thoughts of the burdens 
of yesterday. It's not about feeling down because yesterday 
did not open doors, answer your dilemma, get you out of 
your crisis. Dark nights instill fear, anger and covers you 
with a blanket of insecurity if not despair. 
It's another day of burden, worry, stress, and depression 
and frustration.There is no miracle happening in your life.
Do not immerse in negative thoughts. It will get you 
nowhere. It does not mean you trivialize your problems. 

Life should not be on a crisis management mode.Nor 
should it be about apprehensions, fear, anger or disappointments. 
What's really dragging you down? A stale or fearful relationship? 
Bills? Dysfunctional household? Work ,career related problems? 
Getting old? Health issues? Lack of gumption? So much to do and 
not enough hours in the day to get them all done?

What do you have? You kept warm in the night.You did not 
go to bed hungry. You enjoyed the movie on tv, you read a good 
book, listened to your favorite music. You have a roof over your 
head. You don't have to fear bombs blasting you away at a 
moment's notice.You can dream.

Think of these as you start your day:
Times are uncertain, but you will walk with confidence; that 
you will ride out the storms this life brings. You have the freedom 
to make choices and decisions You are not afraid of making 
mistakes, but instead learn precious lessons.You can speak 
your mind freely.

You are free to pursue your dreams or just day-dream, 
and not feel guilty. You know how to keep your mind, body 
and spirit healthy. You have loved ones. You have friends.
You have a lot more to contribute to society. Perhaps, you 
can take time to reflect on these:
Pray for this world, and for all mankind, for the innocent 
victims of man's inhumanity to man, pray for the hungry, the 
frightened, the sick, the weak, the young, the old and the able 
alike; for the neglected,innocent children who suffer in the 
hands of those who are supposed to take care of them.

Pray for the victims of war and for those who sacrifice their 
lives to keep this world a better place for all of mankind;
Pray that may those who lead others be guided by the power 
higher than themselves. Pray for these, if one soul should be 
delivered from  suffering, you'll be very grateful.Even just one 
soul, you know you have made a difference.There is only so 
much a human body,  mind and spirit can endure.

You are blessed!

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