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Nostalgia.. we all have them
let it bring a smile to your face;
reflect on the pleasant memories;
have a smile, dream, or day dream;
share your nostalgic thoughts. I dare you!!

The Golden Cup

Especially for you,
a cup of inspiration,
a scoop of wisdom,
a dish of insights,
a dash of humor,
a pinch of reality.


..any beauty the world has
..any desire will easily be yours
..as you live deeper in the heart
..the mirror gets clearer and clearer...RUMI


Bing Dictionary... nostalgia A sentimental recollection: a mixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a person, place, or event from the past, or the past in general Nostalgia: something, or things, intended to arouse a feeling of nostalgia or to evoke the past in a way that arouses nostalgia Are you feeling homesick... longing for home or family when away from either. June 29,2013 Saturday morning Summer months for many,many years meant being on the road, travelling between Orillia and Christie Lake. Sometimes we hit the road Friday night so when we wake up Saturday morning, we'd be at the lake. Or we'd be up at crack of dawn Saturday and drive off to the lake. It did not matter where Saturday morning finds us. To this day, a steaming, hot and strong coffee is the first order of the day. This morning is a bit chilly after yesterday's rains. Some cottagers are here, but all is quiet-sshh. We'd be sitting in the living room listening to the waves beating against the shore and some birds chirping, we'd just be soaking up the view of the lake, the tranquility and peace. Here at the lake, we are not mindful of Time- it feels like Saturday morning is forever. Enjoy your Saturday mornings- whatever your plans are. ***** June 28,2013 Rainy Days Rainy days always stir nostalgia in me. Happily, they are pleasant memories of people and days gone by...In our college days, my sister Sylvia and I loved the typhoons,especially the rain that come with it. Classes are suspended and we are not in a rush to go home. Instead, we tuck our books away safely, usually leave it with a friend who lives close by the university. With our umbrellas and no burden of books to carry, we merrily walk the boulevard as traffic slows down. Headed for home, slowly and enjoying wading through the ankle deep water of the city streets, mindless of the winds that threaten to blow away our umbrellas. It was indeed a very exhilarating walk in the rain and flooded streets amids giggles as we were getting soaked. Those were carefree days!

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