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Seven Levels of Aura
Seven Auric levels, Spiritual/ Cosmic Planes:

by Bonnie Moss 2004-11

Aura can be seen with the eyes open . It can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed. It is best seen under soft light. Look beyond the object, and not focus on the object. Aura is observed more prominently around the hands, between the shoulders, neck and head. Those who see aura mostly observe the mental and etheric layers or planes. These are the colorful layers of the aura.

Most commonly known and used terms from the highest:to the lowest plane:

1. DIVINE PLANE. Adi Plane or Plane of the Logos. Ketheric
2. MONADIC PLANE.  Anupadaka Plane.  Celestial- second spiritual
3. SPIRITUAL PLANE.   Atmic Plane. Etheric template first spiritual
4. INTUITIONAL PLANE.  Buddhic Plane. Higher mental
5. MENTAL PLANE.       Manasic Plane. conscious mind
6. EMOTIONAL PLANE.   Astral Plane. 
7. PHYSICAL PLANE.     Physical Plane.  Etheric. physical

Common Words for the Astral Plane
Higher Astral: Etheric, Heaven, Summerland (word used by spiritualists), 
Celestial Planes, beyond the comprehension of  most people,
are said to be the where God, the Buddha, and other great
 beings are.

Middle Astral: Thought Plane, Rainbow Bridge 
(a mesh of what is created by thought).

Lower Astral:where the bonded entities are, ghosts etc.
 Hell, Dream World, Physical World 
(composed of dense, slowly vibrating matter).

These levels can be read separately or in conjunction 
 with each other.The colors are not physically separated .
They seem to fuse or change into one another.

One color may be more dominant than others. As one 
develops the ability to read aura, viable information can 
be derived from the different levels.There is no hierarchy 
of judgement involving the colors and their placement in 
the aura. The colors are only indicators of the personís 
current state, can be read to strengthen the positive 
and /or help alleviate problems. 

Remember, as living things change, so do the energy fields. 
As we develop,as we solve our problems, as we work through
inhibiting blocks, we continue to balance our energies. 
They seem to fuse or change into one another. One  color
may be more dominant than others. As one develops  the 
ability to read aura, viable information can be derived from 
the different levels. 

It is a major energy field which surrounds the human body.
Aura reflects the state of health, emotions, mind, spirituality.
There are seven major auric layers, known at this time.There 
is a symbiotic (interdependent) relationship between your 
auric layers and the seven chakras of your body. 

AURIC  Planes

The Ethericlayer lies close to the human body 
approximately half an inch wide (1.3cms).It is usually grey,
white or blue in colour. Strong or weak health is revealed 
in this area.It is the most easily seen auric layer or etheric field.

This field can also be seen around trees, plants, animals 
and even inanimate objects around the house. A white or 
black background will often highlight the etheric field.

The Emotional body lies beyond the etheric field 
and extends to one to three inches (8cms) In a good state 
of  health, it appears bright and colorful. These colors change 
as emotions change.

The Mental bodylies beyond the emotional body.
 It is a clear yellow, green or blue colours  in good state of
 health. It relates to the thoughts and attitudes of the person. 

The Astral body lies beyond the mental body. It shows 
an array of  beautiful pastel colours such as pinks and blues  
when healthy and unblocked. It extends up to one foot (30cms.)
from the body and indicates your capacity for conditional 
and unconditional love. 

The Etheric templatebeyond the astral field  is a 
type of x-ray or blueprint of the physical body. Illness or blocks, 
negativity can be observed and treated in this field. It extends 
one to two feet (60cms.) from the body. It is usually observed 
as grey/blue in colour.

The Celestial body is the sixth auric field extending two 
to three feet (90cms.) from the body. It is filled with mother of pearl 
colours and energies. It is the layer through which you can 
experience spiritual ecstasy.

The Causal body or Ketheric template is connected to 
the crown chakra .It is a type of photographic negative of the 
mental and spiritual aspects of the person. It is usually filled with 
golden shimmering light and is surrounded by a gold or silver
halo or outer rim of protection. It extends from three feet to
four feet (130 cms.) outwards from the person.


Before doing any spiritual exercise,remember to start with
grounding , then shield and protect yourself. The auric energy 
can be most easily felt in the palm of your hands and on your
fingertips. This energy can be used for protection and for
defense or against psychic attack. Some experts can convert 
these energies into darts, used to cause injury.Be cautious
 not to use these energies for negative purposes. 

Remember, what you send out will be returned to the 
sender tenfold., as the per the Law of Karma.            


The internet has all kinds of information on this subject.
This article was carefully researched through books and 
the resources available on the web. My intent is to have
 this topic available to you, my visitor. This saves you precious time.               

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