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Bonnie's Page 2
2005 05
I love Sundays. Itís a no-chores day.Itís a day for prayer, meditation, piano,reading or 
lazing around day.This Sunday, we had company.Rowena and Robert rang the bell at 2:30. 
She always brings treats. I had coffee ready, we sat around the dining  room table for coffee 
and cake. By 4 PM, Robert and  Eric moved to the living room. I gave Rowena a small gift- an 
amethyst cluster that fits into the palm of her hand, with  an angel sitting at the edge 
She was pleased  with it. She asked me if  Minda had called, she and John were coming too. 
So we phoned her, they were just going to finish hanging up a door and theyíll be on their way 

Rowena asked if I can read her cards. Just then  Minda and John came. Minda is always 
bubbly and curious about my place.She finds it very interestingShe looked at my plants and 
crystals.I showed them my website and bragged about our family siteRowena showed us her 
website too, photos of her house in Cebu, which she hopes to sell. Itís a beautiful house 
overlooking the blue waters of the oceanThen off to the front room for a tarot session Minda 
was first, she was full of questions as I started to  lay out the cards. First card draw 
and I pin point  her main  problem. John was curious too-he  was attentive to Minda.ís  
(his wife) reading.  John was  next
It was not an easy read- they were too excited and chatted away about the situation unfolding
in their cards. Too much chatter when Iím reading affects my concentration, the reading 
does not flow, I get uneasy.It started to get dark, and I felt Rowena was getting anxious. 
She wanted her cards read too. By the time I did Rowenaís cards, I knew Iíve lost my
focus. I did an extra three card spread for her  hoping to get back the flow, it helped but I did
not get that feeling of satisfaction  that I gave Rowena a good reading John is a curious and
observant person. 

He noticed a headless statue  on the floor. I told him itís  St. Francis. I moved the statue closer 
to the  walkway for the winter. So I positioned St. Francis by the rocks close to the Eye of Horus.
I made sure it was secure. That was Thursday.I was out early Friday morning to work  on the 
wood pile, I was mad to see a headless St. Francis standing up above Horus.I blamed it on  critters, 
but I know too well that these critters are in hibernation. I took the statue out, it was a very clean 
beheading.I found the head under the bench, far away  from the territory of Horus. So, I brought in
the statue to put the head back on.

John thought this was hilarious, he had to tell Robert  who went to start his car to get it warmed up. 
Robert  was curious too.I didnít  give this beheaded statue any  more thought  when I brought it in 
to repair. After the company left, I took a long, long and good look at the headless statue of St. Francis

Note Eye of Horus:
HmmmÖ  I made the Eye of Horus out of white rocks Eric  and I gathered from the back roads. I 
concentrated it  after  construction. Ií ve thought of Eye of Horus for  years, how and what to make
it with. When I can, I light candles and incense set it on the mound of rocks which is Horus and 
talk to it.The Eye of Horus is supposed to stand for health and protection and good luck.       
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