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Marriage Encounter

November 13,2004
by Zee deLeon

Last weekend we attended a Marriage Encounter in Ancaster. Bernie and Belen sponsored us, they paid for the whole shebang. It has been nearly eight years since they first asked us and this is their third attempt.We accepted.
Why not, we thought, it might be fun!

It was a time to rediscover our relationship. and where we are going from here. There were 19 couples,some white and pinoys married to white and a West Indies couple. The moderator was a pinoy priest and he was so funny. According to him there are 5 rings involved in a marriage: engagement,promise ring,wedding ring,suffering and boring! The theme of the weekend was, reflection, revelation and reconciliation.

We sang alot of old songs, lots of hugging and love letters to each other. The food was served by the previous group. There were two couples who openly talked about their stormy marriages and were able to salvage it through BLD (Bukas Loob sa Diyos). This was founded by a Jesuit priest in the Philippines in the 80's. It has spread out to New Jersey, California, Vancouver, Hong Kong and other places.

They had a room ready for me whenever I needed to lie down and rest. I was free to walk around so I can stretch. You know how in Benny Hin show and other born again shows, how people fall back after being touched? We experienced it! The priest went around with the Blessed Sacrament, lights off, just candles, the first guy when approached fell back, there were guys to catch us just in case. Volt and I looked at each other, at this point, Volt was worried because no one was paying attention to people falling down one by one.

I was very skeptical, in our row, there were already six down and my turn came, I resisted but I felt this warm soft wind blowing on my face for a long time, at first I was saying to myself, why is this priest blowing on my face? I became lightheaded and fell back too! The floor didn't even feel cold and it was cement, Volt instantly fell back, he felt a magnet on his forehead and that was that. WE both felt like all our troubles had been cast away. Weird huh?

His words were: open your eyes and look at the Holy Spirit, close your eyes take the Holy Spirit into your heart...and so be it.

I guess this is all for now.
Note: PINOY.. short for Filipino male

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