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Christmas Special
Help the Underprivileged

Christmas is a time for giving. For the less fortunate,
it is a time of anguish, of realization of their
less fortunate state.
A small gesture of generosity can offer them a ray 
of brightness,even just for a brief moment.

For those of us who are in a position to do
something, please do not deny these less fortunate
brethren a gift of cheer, a token that they are 
not completely forgotten especially at this
time,when most of the affluent world is swept by
conspicuous consumption.
God bless..... Bonnie Moss

Please read the following article: 

Help Stop World Poverty this Christmas

Internet marketers are very generous in giving their
time to help with charitable causes. Marketers have
websites and email lists which gives them a head start
when deciding to help with good causes. It sure beats
buying a few tickets from your children when they 
come home from school!

An excellent cause I have come across recently is the
WORLD GIFTS catalogue launched by CAFOD - the Catholic
aid agency.

Basically, it allows you to give a donation starting 
as low as about $20 which can buy various essential
items for improvished families in the Third World.
Examples include goats for families in East Africa
or water pumps for villages in Guatemala. These are
lasting presents that promote rural development and

The CAFOD website URL is:

If you have a website or an email list, please consider
promoting it this Christmas.

Wishing you every success in the New Year.

(C) John Lynch

(To help someone living in poverty this Christmas with a
lasting gift go to: 


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