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The Writer and the Web

 by Bonnie Moss  (c)  2005-04

If your dream is to get published, the chance is before you.The web has opened the portals of 
opportunity to all aspiring writers and freelance writers. Itís a whole new world with unlimited access 
to ideas and subjects for writers. Endless resources and information are available at the click of your 
mouse to help you get started and keep you going.

Itís up to you to exercise due diligence to make your dream  of writing a reality. It does not happen 
overnight. It all starts with that first, small step towards pursuing your dream. The internet offers all 
kinds of avenues for anyone who has ambitions to write. Where do you begin?

Read what the multitude of e-zines and newsletters have to offer. This gives you an idea of what 
interests people as they spend more and more time surfing the web. What are the latest trends? Pay 
attention to issues that tend to pop out here and there, again and again. Subscribe to pertinent 
groups or forums that can be helpful in your quest. Stay abreast with the latest news, be interested i
n anything and everything.

Open up your mind. Then, you can decide which venue is right for you. Ask yourself, are you interested 
in mainstream type of writing? Or would you choose  specific areas of interest?

Assess your inclinations, your passions and your hobbies.What  beliefs  do you hold close to your heart? 
Make a list.In your career, what is your area of expertise? Do you write reports? Do you keep a  journal? 
A diary? Youíre already a writer!

Get excited about writing down your ideas. The golden opportunity  is before you, as never before. Actually,
jumping  in the bandwagon of writing for the internet can be overwhelming for the faint of heart, confusing 
for the skeptic, yet exciting for the go-getter. Which one are you?

The internet is open to all segments of society and to people from all walks of life. Access is not limited to 
the technologically  inclined. It is no longer as intimidating as it was when the information superhighway 
first opened in the 20th century. People are less apt to admit their computer illiteracy, rather, more members 
of our society are learning how to navigate the cyberspace.

Learn about the basic rules of writing for the web. Cyber readers  tend to be fast thinkers, speed readers, 
with only seconds to spare. If you want to grab their attention, remember, you only have precious few 
seconds to do it.

Take heart. You already know this. You love to see your by-line. The web will help you get your name 
out there. The more you write, the better youíll get at it. Technically, if your work gets published on-line,
you are considered published.

Only thing, writing for the web for the countless e-zines and newsletters and web-sites is not for those 
who intend to make a living from their writing. Not at the start. If you are willing to write and submit your 
articles for free, donít miss out. For the aspiring writer, it is a good way to start. The more you write,  
the more exposure you will get, readers will get to know your name. Writing for the internet helps to drive 
traffic to your website.

What are you waiting for?

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