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Quality Content and the Writer

 by Bonnie Moss  (c)  2007-09

The Internet has revolutionized the world of writing. It has become an important vehicle
for aspiring writers to get published and for the seasoned writer- a wider access to readers.

There is no shortage of writers on a very broad range of topics. Everyone is encouraged
to write, write and write some more. Article submissions to various ezines and newsletters,
and to groups is the norm for most web writers. Some writers are willing to pay to get their 
articles widely distributed.

Article distribution is wide open to writers who hope to see their articles all over the web. There 
could be a downside to web-wide distribution of articles. Who has not read these words: 
Content is King, seek out your “niche”, write about what you know. Just keep writing. There are 
all kinds of possibilities to the resourceful and dedicated writer.

There is something amiss. Why are there articles floating around in cyberspace that are poorly 
written? No matter how good an idea is, if it is written sloppily, it loses its appeal. The writer’s 
credibility as a writer is tarnished. Not all ezines are created equal, either. Someone wrote : Where
are your articles being published? Take note, these are very important words. Do a search before 
submitting your articles, be selective and not submit your articles just anywhere.  Credibility is one of 
the best assets a writer can develop and be proud of.

It takes time to develop the craft of writing, good writing, that is. If you dream of being a writer, 
spend time to read, and  re-read your articles. Be well informed, keep abreast with what's going 
on in the world. Learn to love books, magazines and most printed matter.

Who knows, in time, you can write articles outside your area of expertise. You can venture
into other areas through research. This is really broadening your horizon.

Learn how to write
Take some lessons in writing, pay attention to your spelling, grammar, sentence construction.
Write in the active voice, learn to be brief and concise. Some words don't add anything to the article, 
so it is best to delete these. In print media, these are critical parameters for any writer.

It is not how many articles you can write in a week or in a month. Remember, writing and submitting 
articles is not about quantity. Quality is very important for a writer who hopes to make a good and 
credible impression and most importantly, to get noticed.

Quality content defines a writer. 

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