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The Way of a Fool
Bonnie Moss (c) 2011-Jan.

A fool's voice is known by a multitude of words. Be not rash with thy mouth. by Ecclesiastis

It is prudent to stop and think before saying a word, especially when you are with a group of people. There seems to be always someone in a group who mouths off a barage of words on every topic, one who professes to have explicit knowledge of every topic that pours out of his mouth. This usually becomes a one-way conversation.

You may be widely read, but this does not mean you are an authority on every subject you read about. Do you grasp the essence of what you read? There is an interesting movie about a very intelligent young man who is a voracious reader, but with no sense of direction as to what he wants in life and no interest in getting a higher education. He believes going to college is a waste of money- one can learn everything from reading a book.

When the halls are quiet, he tackles mathematical problems, writes his solutions on a blackboard as he takes a breather from cleaning the floors, one of his duties as a janitor. He caught the attention of a mathematics professor in the college . This young man has an attitude. He definitely had childhood issues. The professor approaches him, bails him out of prison after some street-fighting where he was charged with assault. You'd think he would be grateful.

The professor referred him to a psychiatrist. The first four gave up after one visit due to his cockiness. Finally, the professor refers this young man to a former colleague. It took a few sessions, where the young man shows his contempt for formal education, and anyone who flaunts a paper of certification for years of higher education. In one of the sessions, the psychiatrist describes how it is to visit an interesting place like the Sistine Chapel. He pointed out to the young man what it's like to look at the ceiling as you stand and admire this work of art, feel the atmosphere, the pulse of the crowd gathered to view this art, to be aware of the smells and sounds around. It is an awesome experience.You can not get this feeling from looking at a picture. This was not meant as an insult, but a reminder that at times, it is not sufficient to read about some things. Perhaps, this smart young man will shake off the fool's way as he grows up.

I've heard someone discredit China , its way of life and the Chinese people, mindless of a Chinese immigrant in the group who politely asked this person if he has visited China. The answer was NO, he has never been to China, but this did not stop him from talking with great authority and knowledge of China as he carried on.

..from Paradise Lost, John Milton writes: A person view things according to what is in his heart and soul

There are those who read the Bible religiously. They can cite passages. They freely quote the words: The truth shall set you free. Do they really comprehend this adage, when they probably don't even know what truth it is they seek? Some can mouth off passages without feeling the essence of the words. One does not show his deep religious beliefs with words alone. Belief has to be deep in the heart. One who can truly feel compassion for those in need and nurse no grudge in his heart has more credibility and true to himself even if he does not read the bible.

The Mayan prediction for 2012 is another topic of interest. The internet is flooded with misinformation about this subject. You can look at it from a scientific research, or depend on myths or psychic input. I've heard someone discuss and spread doom and gloom and incite fear for anyone who will listen to him, believing in his own expert understanding of what is going to happen in 2012. He bases his knowledge from articles on the internet written by those who foster this cloud of calamity and perhaps from his belief in his own mysticism.

This is not to discredit intelligent conversations, because there are interesting people out there who understand the meaning of sharing their knowledge and there is a spontaneous exchange of views. Intelligent conversation flows around a group. When one starts to monopolize the discussions, watch out. The topic would likely be about flaunting his broad scope of knowledge.

We've all done foolish things, especially in our younger days. We learn from the experience and the folly of youth. We fast forward to our current life and not get stuck in the insecurity of youth , thereby unable to grow up and face up to the reality of adulthood

A fool takes no pleasure in listening but delights in airing his opinions. Anonymous.

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