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The Weary Traveller

B Moss (c) 2005-04 To those who share the many roads , the many paths, rest awhile! Where is the path I seek? How long must this journey go? What are the ties that bind my hands? Endure I must, but how much longer? Will my strength hold till I get there. What do I learn from this? Heavy shackles drag me down. Oh courage,stay with me, that I may find the way. So much have I sacrificed, So many wrong turns and detours Ive taken. Often I wonder what for, and why? I plunged into the darkness, is it a test of my endurance, of my will, of my spirit? There is only so much that I can bear. Down the turbulent road I travel, weary of mind and body, on and on I go. But the time has come to find a spot, find respite from these cares. Let me find a tree with shades of green,and feel the warmth of the sun. Indulge my body and spirit to savor the freshness of the air. Let the rain wash away my fears. Dear Mother Earth,let me feel your embrace, as I lay on your lap. Rest, rest, weary traveller.

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