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Pantograph and the Psychic World

Papers are soon to be released on the findings 
of Physicist Benson Herbert's Exhaustive studies 
into  he paranormal, under the 40 year rule.

Virtually forgotten today because of his open 
mindedness to study results. Remember most psychic 
researchers have reached  the conclusions that 
the financiers expect.

In 1966 Herbert was top dog, and when he moved 
his laboratory called " The Paralab" to Wiltshire 
to avoid London's traffic vibration, electrical 
system and noise pollution. His delicate 
instrumentation brought in similar results 
to those of Nicola Tesla.

The Soviets during the Cold War greatly feared 
Peter Wright of "Spycatcher " fame. They had
documentation taken from his friend and spy
Lord Rothschild,. This claims that during radio 
eavesdropping from Cyprus, the biggest listening 
post in the world, primitive evidence of E.V.P or 
Electronic Voice Phenomena, or voices from the 
dead were obtained accidentally by Peter Wright.

Benson Herbert believed that all psychic phenomena 
was electrical in origin and transmission. He 
visited many haunted sites with his equipment, 
and he also captured intriguing sounds from 
the past.

In 1970 Herbert was invited by Soviet scientists 
as top British representative to the Prague 
Symposium on Psychotronics, This is the technical 
term for military use of psychic ability, first 
pioneered by Churchill in W.W.II.

Although Herbert is not well known in the Britain 
of today, his work is much valued and still 
studied in the Soviet bloc.R.G. Medhurst of the 
Society of Psychical Research invited Herbert 
to a series of sťances. To attend these was 
anathema to orthodoxy at the time. The fact 
that he investigated U.F.O sightings and 
allowed himself to be regressed to previous 
lives upset many of his colleagues who felt 
there should be very clear lines of division 
between scientist and psychic.

In 1972 Herbert, while in Leningrad, met 
Nina Kulagina, the Soviet PK specialist who 
shocked him by moving a heavy chair to him 
across the room by pointing her finger at it.
Later she held his arm and as the heat burnt 
him,he collapsed in pain. He had the scar 
for over a week.

He also investigated Suzanne Padfield, the 
psychic who held a photograph of a murdered 
child in Moscow, and from 1700 miles away 
identified the killer. She also deflected 
and bent beams of light in his laboratory.

Experiments on blind people who could read 
through their fingertips (derma-optics) bore 
amazing results.Herbert, a top class intellectual 
and expert Paraphysicist had some of his 
research taken by British authorities 
and stamped Top Secret.  He saw himself as 
a man of the people, this did not sit 
well with him.

He claimed that H. G. Wells had stumbled onto 
something  when he spoke of extra spatial 
dimensions, Herbert described this as "The 
pantograph effect" where the drawing in one 
world of an event, would cause similar 
phenomena in another. This in a synchronistic 
way was described by Schopenhauer as: 
"coincidence is the simultaneous occurrence of 
causality, unconnected to events ."Hippocrates 
said :"the world was held together by hidden 
affinities or threads" Adolph Hitler believed 
the shameful way Germany was treated after W.W.I 
by the international community, made him believe 
in the "world seriality theory" that all worlds 
exist linked in cyclic accord.

Carl Jung brought it all together as the Collective 
unconscious.Herbert's death in 1991 revealed that 
like many other genuine researchers, he believed 
in psychic abilities, but said there were many fakes. 
He had no time for publicity seeking quacks such 
as James Randi types, and make believe psychologists. 

He believed that much, much more research  was 
necessary in the workings of the great pantograph. 
Over time, the inner meanings of the psychic 
worlds would be revealed.

T Stokes
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