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January 2005

I teach. At the end of each Friday, I ask my students to tell me what they’ve learned. I get a range of literal answers: the parts of speech, fractions, the order of the planets, plotting a country on a map, etc. Then there are the ones who begin metacognition: I learned that studying for a test is a good idea; I learned that I need to practice the multiplication tables; I learned that I’ve become a better speller because I sound the words out; I learned that if I cheat, I am only cheating myself. These are what I look for – introspection. What about me then? What have I learned? The following is a random and severely incomplete list as of 2004: 1. Love – the unconditional kind – is rare. However, in its true form, it beats any other feeling on earth. 2. Without problems, there is no learning, no growth. 3. There is truth somewhere, but whether or not I will be privy to it –ever –is not necessarily up to me. 4 What goes around comes around. Guaranteed. 5. I will hear what I want to hear, say what I want to say, and believe what I want to believe, regardless of what ANYBODY says. 6. Nobody wants to hear a boring story. 7. Some things I just have to suck up. 8. Anger and denial only shelter me for a while. Eventually I have to stop lying to myself. Only I can figure out how long I can hide. 9. I am the best at some things and the worst at some things. I’ll have to live with that. 10. I have no control over many things, no matter how much I try or wish or pretend. 11. Some people like to have many friends; some don’t. Both are alright. 12. Change is the only constant occurrence in anyone’s life. 13. If you can’t beat ‘em, and you don’t wanna join ‘em, don’t dis ‘em. 14. Out of ten people who have the best intentions for me, none of them will agree on what I should do. 15. Disney movies are the exceptions to the rule. 16. Positive feelings, thoughts, and ideas help make the world a better place. 17. Everyone should do something to preserve the environment. 18. It is easier to hate and hurt than to listen and understand. 19. There will always be people who will not like me for whatever reason. 20. I am not the centre of the universe. 21. Good books help me decide what kind of person I am and what kind of person I want to be. 22. There are usually memories attached to my favourite songs. 23. People will want to alter my views on human nature. 24. A good listener does not do 3 things: interrupt, tell his/her own story, give advice. A good listener listens intently and shows care. Good listeners are rare. 25. If I keep falling over the same stone, I haven’t learned my lesson. E N D P A G E S Serenity Bonnie 2 The Scenic Route Zee's Page



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