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The Language of Numbers
(c) 2006-02
The Language of Numbers

Numbers has held man in fascination way back in the past and long into the future.

Numbers are involved in almost all aspects of studies,be it scientific, health and
education, in our daily lives including entertainment.

Numbers carry primary qualities. Numbers have a place in spirituality; numbers are
used as a tool to take a peak into the futureas well as the past.What is your lucky 
number? Don't we all feel freaky on Friday the 13th?  For 2006, it falls on October 13th.

In most systems of belief and cultures, numbers have significance. The premise is that 
numbers reflect orderliness. The universe and life itself,on the whole, is based on 
infinite orderliness.Pythagoreans believed that numbers are cosmic expressions of the 
divine. Pythagoras particularly loved number 7.The world is confronted all the time with 
chaos and disorder, man must claim authorship and responsibility. This earth is adversely 
affected by man's insensitivities to its needs,its rights and its very presence.
Man takes so much for granted.

However, the world goes on. Night follows day, the seasons come in the same order, 
spring follows winter, the earth comes alive and vibrant with summer Autumn heralds 
harvest time, a time  for thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth; it is a time for 
transition from activity to rest and hibernation.

So goes the cycle, the orderliness of the universe.

Numbers have their practical interpretations,applicable to human activities. Everything 
related to living involve numbers: age and aging, finances, relationships, health,education 
and measurement of time and space.Time is a great indicator of the relevance of numbers 
in life. This starts from the moment of conception to birth, to youth, to adulthood to old 
age and ultimately,death. This reflects orderliness of life.

From the depths of spiritual vision and science and from scientific studies, numerology 
has evolved. Numerology is based on an underlying unity that manifests in life. Dates of 
birth and names are believed to be connected with our deepest inner being. The intuitive 
mind has the ability to perceive these relationships that numbers offer.

Numbers can be a helpful tool to better understand our innermost being, perhaps help 
bring order and serve as a tool to find meaning in our lives. Perhaps, the rational mind 
will have trouble reconciling with the relevance of numbers to life. It has been proven 
that there are events,occurrences like synchronicity, or ESP that is beyond the 
understanding of the rational mind.

Numbers can be interpreted as to their primary qualities.Numbers have spiritual and 
esoteric meanings. Numbers have character.Numbers carry a deeper expression.

Some interpretation of primary numbers:

unity, independence, resolve, singleness of purpose, a new beginning.
Negative side: conceit, narrow-mindedness,stubbornness.

Duality, harmony, unselfishness, balance, two sides gregariousness.
Negative:indecision, indifference, opposition, irresponsibility

Freedom, enthusiasm, bravery, triangle.
Negative side: impatience, overconfidence,  listlessness

Strength, stability, loyalty honesty, four sides of human nature-feeling, sensation,
thought and intuition.
Negative side: dullness, clumsiness, and inflexibility

Courage, vivaciousness, sympathy
Negative side: instability, unreliability, and thoughtlessness

Idealism, selflessness, faithfulness, honesty, superiority
Negative side: impracticality, submissiveness,  and instability.

Wisdom, discernment, fortitude, depth, philosophy,cycle of life, mysterious and mystical
Negative side: morbidness, inaction, unsociable

Power, business ability, control decisiveness, infinity
Negative side: unimaginative, bluntness, domineering

Intelligence, discretion, artistry, understanding,lofty moral sense, brilliance
Negative side: lethargy, lack of concentration, aimlessness

ZERO: The cipher holds within all the potential. It is the unconscious, the absolute 
or hidden  completeness.

This essay barely covers what numerology has to offer.

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