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How Negative or Positive Energy Impacts your Life
Bonnie Moss (c)October 2013

To be positive or to be negative... that is the question. 
It is your choice.

According to Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone in 
their book Success through a Positive Mental Attitude, 
1960, " we translate into physical reality the thoughts 
and attitudes which we hold in our minds, no matter 
what they are. We translate into reality thoughts of 
poverty just as quickly as we do thoughts of riches.

Negative Energy

Thought is energy. Negative thoughts use up a lot 
of energy.Worry does not solve problems. It clouds 
your judgment since you are wrapped up in a blanket 
of insecurity,uncertainty,feelings of guilt and self-doubt. 
You are giving  negative energy power and give life to 
the negative thoughts that you are creating. You are 
afraid that your project will fail. Guess what- the 
project fails. You always complain about your finances, 
that you never have enough money. Indeed, you 
are attracting financial difficulties with these 
negative thoughts. 

The negative thoughts that dwell in your mind can 
actually materialize. Negative feelings and thoughts 
fuel the power of negative energy. The path of 
negativity is an unhappy path - it encourages feelings 
of persecution and distrust. 

Negative energy casts dark clouds in what is actually 
a pleasant atmosphere. Negative energy is a nervous 
energy. It is difficult to be calm and collected when 
you are absorbed in negative thoughts. In a negative 
world, life is a struggle, challenges are persecutions, 
relationships cause misery and victory is out of reach. 
Failure is the end result.

People tend to steer clear of a negative person. 
Negative energy is toxic. It is a downer and a person 
who tends to be negative does not promote good 
relationships. How do you like to listen to or be 
around someone who sees nothing right about 
any issue?  If you constantly complain, whine 
or criticize  issues and relationships, you are 
wasting your energy  and drag others into your 
negativity. Negative energy is draining to the 
negative person and touches everyone it comes 
in contact with.

Can this negative energy be turned around the other way?

With the advances in technology and information, everyone 
is encouraged to think positive.When negative thoughts 
intrude, stop and think.If you believe that no one likes you, 
ask yourself why this is so. What makes you think this? 
Why not  change your negative thoughts into a positive 
dimension. Think of yourself as a likeable person. Isn't 
this a pleasant thought? What are the qualities that make 
people like you? No one is perfect-but there is always
room for improvement.

Positive Energy
Volumes of books are written about the advantages of 
positive thoughts which equate to positive energy. There 
is as much information on the internet. Positive thinking 
is not a new concept. Positive energy gives you the  
necessary forces for a fulfilling life- vim, vigor and vitality. 

It is not easy to turn around a negative way of thinking. 
But with determination and clear purpose, it is doable. 
Try to associate with people who see the bright side of 
life. Positive energy is not about getting into a state of 
denial. Positive attitude makes no room for doom and 
gloom. Of course there will always be times of sadness 
and pain. Remember, the sun does not always shine, 
gloomy days can go on for what seems an eternity. 

If you choose to surround yourself with positive energy,
in the face of  challenges, conflicts or daunting tasks, 
you cope with these with courage and confidence . 
You know in your heart that all these will come to pass.
 It is not unheard of that there are those with debilitating 
or terminal illness who accept the challenge and find a 
positive spin. 

In Canada, Terry Fox will be remembered for his courage 
to run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research. 
I will not go into detail in this article because it is worth 
your time to research who was Terry Fox and what is 
his contribution to research. It is a very inspiring story.

Positive energy is encouraging. If you look at life with a 
positive attitude, you accomplish your goals and take 
others with you as you move on. Consciously or 
unconsciously, you influence people in your life- your 
family and friends. You also create a calm and peaceful 
atmosphere in your space which equates to the flow of 
positive energy that you share with anyone near you. 
You will still experience moments of anger, but it is not 
an anger that stirs vengeance or hatred, but that of
 understanding and compassion. 

Even in the midst of pain and sorrow, positive energy 
comes along and lightens the load. It shines brilliant 
and warm rays that lead you to  the path of  healing. 
It encourages you to forgive what needs to be forgiven. 
It helps you to find clarity to sort through what is relevant 
and pertinent at the moment and discard what is no longer 
helpful as you move forward.

Positive energy strengthens your faith, first in yourself 
and in the Universe. You have that confidence that you
will be provided with what you need. Positive energy fills 
your heart, your life with peace. It helps you understand 
that love is more powerful than hatred. 

In a difficult circumstance, breathe peace and surprise 
yourself. Things are not as bad as they seem. Positive 
energy paves your way to attract that which your heart 
desires and a life that undersands love. It fills you with
inner peace. Positive energy helps you to enjoy and 
appreciate a life that has meaning. 

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