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Walking the Path with the Majors-

Bonnie Moss 2004-01 (c)

Uniqueness of the Fool

The FOOL i dance to the rythymn of the wind, hum with the sound of the waves, walk in the warm embrace of earth, keep the fire in my spirit burning, i am both empty and infinite, i am free ,free from worries and care i am the beginning and the end i am the FOOL life is an adventure, tread cautiously every step, or throw caution to the wind. what you need in this life surrounds you, the universe will provide your needs if only you open your heart,your mind, listen to your spirit today is what matters. each step you take wonít always be safe, take heart for you have the courage within if you have faith, if you believe in yourself each day is a new beginning; no one knows what lies ahead, every experience,every challenge offers bits of treasure. seek a new path, or tread the old, if itís meant to be it will be do not walk with a heavy heart or your burden will weigh heavier butÖat times the fool that i am, details bore me, i care not for struggles, aimlessly i wander. opportunities i miss, i wear a mask .. that of a jolly fellow, to hide my insecurities, the world passes me by. ... i am the FOOL INDEX Article Archive