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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part II

The Hermit

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-19(c)

what is the hermit searching for? is he a wise man or just a wandering old man. searching in the dark, lighting his way with a lamp. the fool uses the stick in a carefree manner to march forward. the hermit uses this stick for support and to feel his way . is he the cynic philosopher Diogenes, who goes out with his lamp, searching for an honest man. he faces left, is the past of great concern ? being an old man, what are his hopes for the future? is his past a heavy burden, a dead weight that blocks his spirit from living in the present. when i cross your path, i inspire a change of attitude. consciously or not, this blocks or limits spiritual growth. free yourself from the shackles of the past,let the present and future grow. do i suggest the need for meditation, reclusive life, study and concentration? nay! find your center,and your calm deep to the forest lancelot went, a sanctuary he finds where he heals a broken heart and finds his soul. a sacred door opens to a sacred spring, his inspiration sparks one more time. look deep within, search for that which has been weakened by neglect. hold high my torch, feel the sub-conscious at work, guiding, illuminating the way, consulting the wisdom within. i am the HERMIT, let me light your path