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Law of Attraction

by Aaron Potts

The Law of Attraction - in its simplest form 
states that "like attracts like". Whatever you 
focus on the most is what will be most attracted 
to your life. At first glance, that would seem 
to state that since we all think about being
healthy, rich, and having fulfilling lives, 
that we should all be living happily ever 
after, right?

Wrong. Although it is true that if we properly 
focused on those things that they would come to 
us in abundance, the truth is that most people 
don't focus on having those things - they focus 
on the fact that they DON'T have those things!

So, going back to the definition of the Law of 
Attraction -"like attracts like". If all you 
ever do is think about how much you wish you 
were healthy, or how much you wish you were
rich, or how much you wish you were happy, 
do you know what the Universal Law of Attraction 
will bring you? You guessed it - a life full of 
wishing you had all of those things.

The only way to attract what you desire in life 
is to allow yourself to understand what it would 
feel like to have what you want, to allow yourself 
to believe that you will have it, that you deserve 
it, and by focusing on those positive feelings 
and beliefs on a consistent basis.

It seems way too simple to be true, right? It i
s hard for you to believe that just by thinking 
about having a new car that you will get one. 
You can't grasp the fact that by just thinking 
about getting promoted at work that it will happen.
You refuse to believe that by feeling positive 
about your life,that your fulfilling life will 
come to pass.

So, let's see if you have been paying attention. 
If you believe that it's not possible to get that 
car, that promotion, or that fulfilling life, 
guess what you are attracting with the Universal 
Law of Attraction? That's right - NOT having those

In order to invoke the Law of Attraction for 
positive gain, you must visualize the things that 
you want, feel in your heart what it will be 
like to have them, and believe that you will get
them. It really is just that simple! However,
after spending decades of our lives being taught 
to "work hard for what we want", we can't bring 
ourselves to believe that anything less than hard 
work will bring those things into our lives.

Now, don't misunderstand. The Law of Attraction 
is not "magic".You won't manifest material goods 
or personal success simply by thinking about them. 
However, the Universe WILL provide methods for 
you to gain those things, and hard work may or 
may not be part of that equation.

For that reason, it is important for you to 
remember that you have to be aware. When you 
train your mind to send out the positive emotional 
vibrations into the Universe that will bring
these things to you, the Universe WILL answer. 
However, if you aren't paying attention, you will 
not be home when Opportunity comes knocking
at your door!

The Law of Attraction is not some sort of mystical 
mumbo-jumbo,but rather scientific fact. The key 
is in knowing how to use that science, and the 
consistent application of those scientific principles.

About The Author:
Aaron Potts is a Lifestyle Coach who teaches
people to use the Universal Law of Attraction to 
create positive and permanent changes in their 
lives. His free newsletter available at

For more information about customized newsletters 
for coaches, visit 

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