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Insights from my Higher Self


Believe , have faith, each day is another day of victory and of strength.Evil? 
Does it exist? What does it have to do with karma? Are bad people born to 
this world? Have I seen evil? Maybe not as great, but yes, I have known 
people who take advantage of others- and not think anything of it. Isnít that 
evil? Manifest my reality? Perhaps, what is my reality? I feel like I am at a 
total loss, am I?

Dear higher spirit or guide or Inner self or whatever- enlighten me. I seek the 
protection of the Divine as I try to connect with energies from outside my realm.

 I need to understand a lot of things.

 INSIGHT.. this is what came to my mind and I started typing:

Love is the answer.. love is the answer. love is the answer.

You are not yet ready, but soon, you need time to rest, you have a lot of healing 
to go through, your body is weary, and you do not feel it.Do not be discouraged, 
do not lose faith, yes, listen to your intuition.

Whatever will help to get you to connect with your inner self is good.There is 
nothing wrong in trying to be in harmony with nature, the rocks, the stones, 
the trees,the plants, the animals ,the birds, are all part of creation.

What ever you imagine are spirits that will help give you a good and warm 
feeling is good for you. It is healthy, exercise all your creative talents.

Write, write and keep writing.This is helpful to you, this will get you out 
of your depression. It is good that you do not believe  everything that you 
read. No, channeled writings are not that true, these are figments of 
imagination,but if it helps anyone, that is good. There is nothing wrong 
with that. Whatever works is acceptable, nothing sacrilegious about it.

It is good that you try to pray , do not probe too deeply into the future, it is
 not manís concern to try to forecast- what will be will be, that is all there is to it.

But if it helps you to release your fears,your apprehensions, your depression, 
turn to the cards,you know deep down what is right or what is meant to be.


Yes, man can create his reality- to a point. It depends on what man expects, 
it depends on how much strength and effort they are willing to put into a cause. 
Yes, there are events that are beyond  manís control, but how man deals with
the unexpected, with the trials and the tribulation, their faith in themselves, the 
nobility of their intentions and their hearts, their sincerity, these are very important 
factors in manís journey in this life.

Child , this is all for tonight, you need to get some rest, rest your mind and body, 
think of happy things,you always say this: life is good, it depends on what man 
wants out of this life.

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From my Higher Self
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