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From my Higher Self
ON MEDITATION: Insight from my Inner Voice:

You need to focus more in your meditation,  do not rush it- let it flow, let it flow 
like the water. Gently.Music is good for you, keep with your music, this is a form of 
meditation. When you play the piano, you are connecting with your inner spirit. It is 
good practise to sit down and just write, youíll never really know if you  are having 
a conversation with yourself or with someone higher than yourself.

This is what faith is all about. So many issues man does not really know, have no 
tangible things to relate to a lot of things.

You feel the wind, but do you really see it? You see the trees blowing, you believe there 
is a higher force out there in the sky, yet you can not see, you can not touch, it is 
in your heart,in your soul.

This is the beauty of the mystery of life. 

You talk to your plants and crystals,you do not really know if they hear you or not.You
believe in the presence of an energy in the crystals- a spirit? A deva? What do you 
think? You see lights when you meditate, what do you think it is? Such is the mystery 
that surrounds you.

Child, you need your restÖlisten to your inner voice,you will hear it if you give it a chance.

Good night

ENLIGHTENMENT: from my inner voice, as I search and search...
In our time frame, we do not have months,days, or nights, time is almost non-existent.
We understand how humans need time to organize and to function. But thatís alright. 
Each passing day that you get something done, that you feel good about it, that is a 
good day. 

It is not the big projects that make life meaningful. It is the small joys and glories that 
matter. Yes, it is important to show those you love that you really love them.

Child, you have come a long way. That is good. You are nearing a completion of a 
period of trial,an introduction to greater and outer realms of the world. It is a beautiful 
world, but for the uninitiated, it is fearful.Do not be scared of anything, you are well 
protected from evil spirits that always hover around the earth. They are not harmful,
just let them know that you will pray that they will sometime, find their peace.

Yes, pray to the Blessed Mary. There will be more inspiring thoughts , issues that 
you will write about.Learn how to do your own site on the computer.You will greatly 
benefit from it. Your thoughts and prayers are above the ordinary, your vibration is 
much higher than you think.Stay with your meditation and prayers.


Yes, man can create his reality- to a point. It depends on what man expects, it 
depends on how much strength and effort they are willing to put into a cause. 
Yes, there are events that are beyond manís control.But how man deals with 
the unexpected, with the trials and the tribulation,their faith in themselves,the 
nobility of their intentions and their hearts, their sincerity. These are very important 
factors in manís  journey in this life.

Child  this is all for tonight,you need to get some rest, rest your mind and
body.Think of happy things, you always say this, life is good, it depends on 
what man wants 
out of this life.


Who are the angels?
God sends them as messengers, to spread His word, and to protect man. Angels 
are able to make decisions when it needs be. Sometimes, they communicate in 
the most unexpected way, like hearing a voice in your head. Think about something f
or a while; focus on the subject  and listen. this is a start.  

My thoughts...

Angel,Inner Voice,I must say goodnite, somehow I can not focus. My mind ,
the noises I hear, loud banging noises what are they? Help me, keep us safe, 
protect us from physical harm, from harm that we can not handle,pray for me 
dear angel of the lord.

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