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 Journey of the Swords
Eight of Swords
by Bonnie Moss(c) 2005-11

Tarot Eight of Swords: The Weight of Excess Baggage

In the Rider Waite deck, the 8 of Swords depicts a woman, blindfolded with her hands tied at her back. A castle appears in the background, beyond the marshes. Swords form a barrier around her. Notice that the lady has the energy centers- i.e.,the chakras, free to function. There is a reserve of energy waiting to be put into action.

Circumstances has a habit of forming barriers. As time passes, these barriers form the prison walls enclosing its victim. Beyond the marshes of despair is a castle of promise and hope. There is a life of peace and happiness. But with your hands tied and with a blindfold,you can't see that. Instead, you feel enclosed within the invisible prison walls, a victim.

Why should anyone be a prisoner of their situation? No one wants to be in this station, yet, too often, circumstances accumulate. The weight gets heavier until it is out of control. Is redemption and freedom possible?

Like the lady in the 8 of Swords, take the blindfold off. There is strength left, but you need to open your eyes. You alone can break the shackles that bind you. You alone can fathom the depth of your pain. You alone can set yourself free. Go deep within you. Therein is the power of your mind to help you find the road to freedom, peace and happiness. Draw on your reserve of inner strength.

Bondage robs you of peace and happiness. Life should not be spent in fear and in tears. We are endowed with free will to make our decisions and make our choices. We hold the key to our success or failure.Like the swords that surround the lady, the burden and the pain that you allow to accumulate will ultimately take its toll.

Love can be a venom. How many lives have been lost, spirits broken, families torn apart when love came in with sweet scent of promises. Instead, it dispensed deadly venom of broken promises and various forms of mental, emotional and physical cruelty. A venom generating fear, insecurity, bondage and bleak future.As tragic as it sounds, sometimes this situation ends in death.

What other issues hold you in bondage? Read the list: deceit, despair, ill health, lost hopes, broken dreams, broken relationship, broken heart, failed career,betrayals,violations, childhood trauma, or other forms of trauma. Addictions cast deep emotional scars to those exposed to it. At times, to the most vulnerable members of the family and society. These enclose you, engulf your being, weaken your spirit, till you give up.

Don't let yourself get disconnected with the real world. Accept your part of the responsibility, and move on. Don't keep blaming yourself, don't let guilt rule your life, and be forever lost in the darkness. Get over feeling victimized.Seek the necessary professional help if you must. Into the 21st century, society is more open and understanding. Reach out and there is an open hand ready to help.

The excess baggage you carry with you demands a high price if you let it get out of control. Take stock of the weight of your emotional baggage. Like the lady in the 8 of Swords, take the blindfold off. There is strength left, gather your energy- but you need to open your eyes.

You alone can set yourself free.


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