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Feel,Honor and Respect Everything in this Life
(c) Bonnie Moss 11-2006

It’s odd that after thousands of years of great spiritual example and literature, we have to 
remind ourselves that spirituality is to be found in everyday life…. Thomas Moore

Everything around us breathes life and energy. Even inanimate objects are made, developed , 
altered or derived from some form of living matter. Society takes so much for granted. 
We live in the midst of a “throw-away” mentality,unless something is expensive, it is of little 
or has no value, thus, disposable.

Each day can be a special day. It’s not just the people in our lives that deserve attention, 
affection and respect everyday. Consider the things around you. Walk around your house and 
see how each room feels. Let it feel your warmth and appreciation.Think of the toys and gadgets 
that surround you.They are important too. hey are tools for convenience, pleasure and sometimes 

It is said that people leave imprints in their homes-in the walls, the doors, the spaces that once 
heard the echoes of their footsteps, their voices,their songs or their laments, their joys and their 
sorrows. A worn out adage but so true: Be it ever so humble, a man's home is his castle.

A house that sees loneliness and sadness projects it in many ways. It feels cold and unfriendly. A 
welcoming home speaks well of its owners. One can feel the warmth in the atmosphere.

Some cultures give their homes names. Rightly so, a home develops its own personality, often 
patterned after its owner or occupant.

Not everyone is a meticulous housekeeper. This is a lot of work. Know the difference between
clutter and filth. Stagnant and negative energies breed in unkempt areas. 

If one follows some of the principles of Feng Shui, elimination of clutter allows the positive "chi" 
to flow in the house.You can not always eliminate clutter,but you certainly can minimize it by 
simply picking up and putting things away. The list can include toys, reading materials,tools 
and other gadgets and stuff. 

An occasional clean-up would make the room happy, like a breathe of fresh air. It only takes a few 
minutes of your time to feel a room and appreciate the warmth and cozy feeling it offers. 

It can be any room in the house. Make it all the rooms,even the laundry room or utility room. 
These areas provide valuable space to accommodate your needs. 

Make the room know it is appreciated. Honor the special areas in your home with fresh flowers, 
turn the music on to raise the vibration of a room,light candles or burn some incense. Make 
the room alive.

Read up on Feng Shui and find out the importance of every corner of the house and the interesting
connections that can impact on your life, your dreams,your pursuits and most importantly, your 
relationships.Feng Shui makes that important link between man and his environment.

Many things around us breathe life and have their own energy.The plants in the garden, houseplants, 
the gems, the artwork, and other things collected over the years. These all have energy. 

Money is energy. Respect it, spend it wisely to stimulate the economy. Electricity is energy. 
Water is life. We need to let the sunshine into our homes, into our lives.Respect the good
earth we live in.

Enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are in the midst of the concrete jungle, surely there must 
be a park,where you can sit and breathe in some fresh air.

The vehicle you drive becomes an extension of YOU.Take care of it and it renders better service. 
Thank it after you arrive safely to your destination and back.

It is good to honor and respect these everyday things around us. This raises awareness of this 
world of ours.It makes us appreciate the beauty that surrounds us if we but open our eyes and 
learn to see beyond the surface.

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