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Squeeze the Juice

Squeeze the Juice Out of Your Daily Life

 ebook by Georgiana Avram:

You set a goal and you are very excited to 
starting working on achieving it. Then 
somewhere along the way something happens.

You get tired, frustrated, burnt out. It 
becomes a struggle and you don't know what
to do. You encounter some setbacks that 
discourage you. You don't know why you 
wanted to achieve the goal in the first place. 

The pain of fighting for it becomes too much.
You eventually give up and convince yourself 
that it wasn't all that important anyway.

Date: August 4, 2005
From: Georgiana Avram

If this has ever happened to you:

It is simply because you became too absorbed 
in working hard for your goals and you forgot 
to enjoy life today. When you stop enjoying 
the moment, life becomes hard, stressful 
and almost unbearable.

What is our main purpose in life but to feel 
good at any moment? Don't we want to feel 
joyous, happy and satisfied? After all, the 
reason we set that goal in the first place is 
to feel better about our life. But while 
achieving it, we strive too much and forget
to focus on the moment we have right now that
is so precious. The journey is a lot more
fun than the arrival.

Make the journey a fun and unforgettable trip 
so that when you get to your goal you will
not say "Is that all there is?"

This ebook will show you how to enjoy every 
single day in your life and how to eliminate
the feelings of frustration that come about 
when you simply try too hard. 

I will show you 10 easy exercises that
you can do anywhere and anytime that will
make you more appreciative of your everyday
life. In return, you will get more energy 
to achieve your goals and squeeze every single
drop of juice from this gift called life.

Give these exercises a try! I wrote them with
the intention to lift you up and inspire 
you in your everyday life.

Table of Contents - 
In the table of contents you will be able
to see the names of all 10 exercises and 
where they can be found. Thus it's easy to 
jump to  the one which interests you the most.

 Easy to read - 
This book can be easily read in one sitting. 
The tone is conversational and I am speaking 
directly to YOU. 
Easy to understand and follow.

Print it out - 
You can print out this ebook and bring it
with you wherever you want. If there is a 
particular exercise you want to try, simply 
go to that page and do it. It's that easy!

 Get your questions answered -
If you are having trouble understanding any
of the exercises, no problem. Just drop me 
an email and I will reply with further guidance.

 Best products on the net - 
I took the time to insert some of my 
favorite websites with self-improvement
products at the end of the ebook.If you 
ever have doubts about which websites are
good and which aren't then look no further.

These are the websites I use and the ones
I was also impressed with the first 
time I came across them.

Feeling burnt out from too much struggling
to achieve your goals? Time to reframe and 
get back to the present.

You can only achieve your goals if you have
the right ammunition. What you need is the
energy and spirit to keep going in the long run.

I will show you through 10 exercises how to
refocus your energy and spirit so that you
get more out of life. 

You have more zest and power to accomplish 
anything you want and you do it all with a 
bright smile on your face.

The exercises are easy to follow and very
easy to do.All it takes is the discipline
to follow through.

There is no particular order in which you
need to do them. The table of contents will
help you navigate easily through the pages 
and getting to the exercise you love the most.

Print out this ebook and read it often so
the exercises become second nature to you 
and you can do them anytime you feel exhausted
or burnt out. Use this as a guiding manual
that will help you SQUEEZE THE JUICE!

Click Here To Order Today:

My email is:

This ebook will help you refocus your 
energy during those times when you feel
like giving up, because reaching for your
goals is so hard to do. All it takes is 
a little time to appreciate life, the 
life you have NOW and also the life you 
are looking to get to. 

Your life now is perfect and just the way 
it needs to be. As you grow, your life 
will grow as well. It's a process 
and the most important thing is to 

You will receive a 22 page pdf file which 
you can print out or store on your computer. 
It contains the entire ebook, with the 
10 exercises, also some good websites 
with good self-improvement products and advice.

Get your money back in 3 days after purchase!

If you are not satisfied with this ebook,
email me and explain why and I will give 
you your money back in 3 days after purchase.

How much longer do you want to wait until you 
become the person you want to be? A happy, 
joyous, successful human being that loves 
life and all it has to offer. Get rid of 
useless frustrations and negative thoughts...
they bring your energy level way down 
and you deserve a lot better.

After all, it's YOUR life. 
Squeeze the juice!

I chose to sell this book at $9.95 because
it has tons of good information and uplifting 
messages. I wanted to choose a reasonable
price so that many people could benefit
from it.

I know you envy them...those people that 
walk through life as if it were a breeze. 
"Life is great, life is beautiful!" 
this and that. You just want to kill them

Don't you EVER have a bad day? 
Don't you EVER get frustrated when things 
don't go the way you want them to? 

They make it seem really easy and they make 
it seem like everything works for them.
Don't do the mistake and label those people
as "lucky".They are not lucky, they have
the same problems and frustrations that you

If you are alive you can't escape them.
But they know something you don't. They know
how to turn it all around  and still enjoy
life while they are reaching for their dreams. 

They know how to squeeze the juice out of 
their daily lives. Learn their secrets. 
You will soon be one of THEM.

Best of Success,
Georgiana Avram

P.S.- Do not wait anymore if you need guidance 
on how to make the most of every single day.
 To order the ebook :

My email is:

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