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Growing Plants from Seeds
Bonnie Moss(c) 2011-04

It is very rewarding to start some plants from seeds. Plants are inspiring, reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth. Growing plants from seeds in the dull days of Winter brighten the atmosphere and adds sparkle to our world.


Marigolds are very easy to grow, these are sturdy plants.


It never cease to amaze me as I watch seedlings sprout tiny and fragile leaves, and watch it grow taller and stronger each day. Gardening skill or talent gets better each year as a gardener gets more creative and able to express themselves more in their gardens.

I did not know anything about gardening. I always loved plants ,especially colorful blooms. Love of Nature was something Eric and I shared. He always started most of the flowers in our garden from seeds. His favorite was marigolds. I used to wonder what he saw in marigolds- these plants did not give out an iota of fragrance. Now I know why- marigolds are so easy to grow, they bloom gloriously every summer till Fall. These are sturdy plants, and I found out that their pungent scent is actually very helpful to the neighboring plants . This scent deters detrimental factors around the garden. Also- most four-legged creatures are turned off by this scent.

Through the years, I learned to experiment with different seeds with some success. The big advantage of growing your plants from seeds is being able to pick and choose, try different varieties. There is a wide variety to choose from. Except for marigolds and geraniums, which are my basic annuals, I try something new every year. This adds a new look to my garden each year. There is nothing more boring than to have the same look in the garden from year to year.

Geranium from slips. I bring in the whole plant in the Fall, then cut slips by January and start them in proper starting soil.

The soil for starting seeds is very important. I use the commercial plant starter soil. It works really good.

Impatience seeds are very fine and small. It takes more time to germinate.

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