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Good Friday: A Day to Reflect on Your Life
Bonnie Moss (c)April 2011

"The cross of Christ is the door to heaven, the key to paradise, the downfall of the devil, the uplifting of mankind, the consolation of our imprisonment, the prize for our freedom." The Cross of Christ is the safeguard of our faith, the assurance of our hope, and the throne of love. It is also the sign of God's mercy and the proof of forgiveness. Do you follow Jesus in his way of the cross with joy, hope, and confidence? Abbot Rupert of Deutz, early 12th century:

A friend suggested that Good Friday has to be the best day to turn to God, or whoever you turn to. It is the day of the Crucifixion- when one Man suffered so much to fulfill a prophecy. I agree with her. Take some time this Good Friday to contemplate and reflect on your life. It is a day of deep sorrow for the Agony that started in a garden on Thursday night and ended in the crucifixion on Good Friday.

We all have known pain and heartache, we have love ones who are ill, our world is going through severe climate upheavals , economic and political chaos, to all these and more, offer fervent prayers. To God, we commit ourselves.

This Good Friday, I will meditate on surrendering all the pain and sorrow and the pieces of a broken heart. I pray that my Faith will keep me strong through life's turmoil and upheaval. I pray for my sisters who have passed on to what I believe is Eternal Life. I offer prayers for the less fortunate, victims of man's inhumanity ,cruelty and selfishness. And so much more.

Prayer/ meditation to Archangels:

Those who are familiar with rituals, this is a good day to do one. I plan on a healing ritual and seek the help of Raphael and another ritual to the four Archangels:
Raphael- angel of healing of mind, body, heart and soul
Gabriel- angel of communication, understanding and to attain clarity of thoughts
Michael- angel for protection from unseen and negative forces or energies.
Uriel---- angel for protection, light, love and strength
Your guardian angel.

This can be as simple as lighting candles, place fresh plant or flowers on the table and importantly, think carefully about what it is you are praying for. Prepare for a solemn meditation in a quiet and peaceful place. Write down your intentions for clarity. Good Friday is a very solemn day- try to time your prayer/ritual before 3 PM, your local time. There are sites on the internet with meditations to the Archangels for guidance.

Excerpt from *Meditations for Good Friday by Ken Gardiner
"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit."

We come to the closing moments of the earthly life of Christ; the most perfect human life that has ever been lived. Notice how completely He identified with us. Everything we have to face, somewhere Jesus faced something similar. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, pain, being misunderstood, deserted, denied, betrayed. Finally he died.

Have you understood how astonishing that is? The God we worship, we who are Christians, our God knows what it feels like to die. For a moment, think simply of the fact that we have a God who knows what it is like to die. In everything that happens to us in life, we can go to our God, our Jesus, and say, "Lord, life isn't fair, life hurts," and he replies, "I know, I really do know, for that happened to me too." In dying, Christ revealed a deep basic principle

BF Moss... I surrender my pain and sorrow to Thee. Please send me Your healing light- that my mind, body and soul be whole again. Fill my heart with Love , and help me learn to forgive as you have forgiven me. To Thee I surrender my pain.

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