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Dreams Can Convey Messages
Bonnie Moss (c) 2011-02

From the Science of Dreaming, it shows the moment in our sleep when we dream:REM Sleep:
Known as rapid eye movement sleep, your eyes move rapidly from side to side. Your heart rate, brain waves and breathing speed up and your muscles may twitch, although you will be essentially paralysed. You dream during this stage of sleep and it is because of this that the muscle paralysis occurs. It prevents you from acting out your dreams and injuring yourself in your sleep.

Dreaming is one of the fascinating mysteries of Life. Do we all wander off to dreamland in our sleep? The dreaming mind moves into a mysterious and intriguing realm where there is freedom of movement, from one scene to another with no apparent relevance and no inhibitions. Dreams may not make sense to the dreamer at the moment. It is a realm for great exploration of what lies beyond our conscious mind.

There can be frightful moments, but remember, at a point of peril, the dreamer always wakes up. What about pleasant dreams of places you never even dreamed of? Many dreams convey messages. Some dreams are symbolic- urging you to discover your creativity and let it flow. Dreams can reflect our physical, emotional and psychological state, anxieties, fears, sexuality, joys, social and interpersonal skills. There is a spiritual side that can reveal how we relate or acknowledge our beliefs, spiritual stirrings, how to find our higher selves and hold that vision.

The list of dreams is tens of thousands long.
Some common dreams:

Danger can be a reflection of the day's anxieties over events, like a movie that got you absorbed. It can represent the dark side where chaos may reign.
A dead relative reminds you of the emotional connection, if it is a friendly dream. If the dead person looks sad or angry, offer some prayers, light a candle and send them peace. It can also show unresolved issues with the dead person.Seeing them in a dream can be a way to make peace.

Fire can suggest passion and desire in a positive way. On the negative side, it can stand for anger, frustration or destructiveness. To be looking at the flame, is to be aware of energy and strength.It is believed that psychologically, fire in dreams is a symbol of cleansing, power to change one's life.

Flying can be fascinating, some relate flying to sex and sexuality. Others see a dream of flying as being able to shed inhibitions and find freedom.
Fying upwards- a more spiritual appreciation of our lives
flying downwards- a yearning to understand the subconscious.

Garlic is believed to be a powerful protection against unseen negative energies. It can symbolize protection against fear. Ask yourself, what is it that you fear? Garlic can also have magical message.

Landscapes can mirror the personality and habits of the dreamer. Consider what comes with the landscape, trees, sand, rocks, think about these carefully.
Rocky landscape can suggest problems; gloomy suggests negativity and pessimism; to be in a desert can reflect loneliness, being in a jungle can mean a fertile imagination. These images can help you find what it in your personality that can be improved upon. If the scenery changes, perhaps it is calling your attention to some changes in your life.

Money in dreams does not mean hard currency. It is more of a reflection of how we value ourselves, our actions and how much we are willing to pay to get fulfillment of what we desire. It can also indicate personal resources, material and spiritual, can also mean potential for success.

Onion is layered, Dreaming of onion symbolizes the layers of oneself that could be peeled away to reveal the higher self.

Rain, in dreams, if properly applied mean an emotional release. Rain comes from the heavens(sky), it symbolizes divine blessings and revelation. Take a close look at your emotions, especially pent-up emotions, time to make peace with yourself.

Running shows speed and agility and flow. Running towards something suggest confidence and ability

Social gathering can signify your need to get more sociable, perhaps you are isolating yourself.

Singing to hear singing in dreams means a link to self expression, ability to get in touch with inner self, feel higher vibration and can share good feelings with others.

Water in dreams, take a moment to describe the dream. It can be symbolic. This element touches on the emotions. Water has the ability to flow in and around things. Seeing water in dreams may be significant, suggesting the potential to create or find a new direction. Entering water suggests something new.
Deep water, like a river or sea can indicate being out of one's depth or the subconscious.
Flowing water is about being at peace.
Rushing water indicates passion.
Shallow water represents lack of energy.
Stagnant water suggests inertia.
Drowning suggests the ability to push issues into the sub conscious, or a feeling of defeat.
Clear water can signify cleansing, ability to release pent up feelings or emotions. It indicates a need to move on.

Wind is a symbol of the intellect. It can suggest the ability to move on with ideas. It can also suggest the beginning of new awareness of ourselves. Breeze can suggest gentleness and pleasure.
High winds- means ideas are swirling in one's head.

Tree is significant in dreams as it is symbolic of the structure of inner lives. Try to remember the features of the tree:
smooth trunk, big tree and sturdy shows strength and courage, one must exert effort to remove barriers and break down walls
Wide branches stand for a warm pesonality,
small close-leaf tree can show an uptight person
well- shaped tree can mean a well organized personality
large messy tree stands for a chaotic personality.

Wood is a manifestation of the spirit and a connection with nature.

There are many more dreams whose meaning is waiting to be uncovered. This article presents a very short list.

Ref.Pamela Ball Book of Dreams

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