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2012 Apocalypse

2012: The Science, the Theory, the Myth of An Apocalypse
Bonnie Moss 2011 01 (c)
Is the world coming to an end on December 21, 2012?
Since June 2009, there are 175 books listed on Amazon on the subject of 2012 doomsday. 
There are hundreds of websites dedicated to this subject. On what  is the basis of this 
imminent doom and gloom ?

There are survival plans and supplies  all in preparation for December 21,2012. Underground bunkers
are built all over the world , some still under construction . Locations are heavily reinforced for 
safety and guarded with a veil of secrecy. The price tags are also galactic.There are those who take 
a spiritual direction at specified locations. More plans are definitely in the works.

Enter Planet Nibiru or Planet X

Whose responsibility is it to verify whether Nibiru exists or not? Is this fact or fiction?

In Babylonian astrology, Nibiru is a name sometimes associated with the god Marduk. Nibiru appears 
as a minor character in the Babylonian creation poem Enuma Elish as recorded in the library of   
Assurbanipal, King of Assyria (668-627 BCE). The Sumer was a great civilization  with notable 
contribution in the development of agriculture, water management, urban life and the field of writing. 

Scholars who devote time in the study of  ancient records  of Mesopotamia contradict the claims of the 
existence of Nibiru as a planet and that Sumerians had great knowledge about astronomy.  
In the field of astronomy, there are very few records.

Science fiction writer Zecharia Sitchin popularized the Sumerian civilization in his books, notably 
The Twelveth Planet published in 1976.

NASA states that “Planet X” is an oxymoron when applied to a real object. The term has been used by 
astronomers  over  the past century for a possible or suspected object. Once the object is found, it is given 
a real name, as was done with Pluto and Eris, both of which were at some time referred to as Planet X. 
Carl Sagan wrote that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary levels of evidence if they are to be believed. 
      To astronomers, Nibiru is a myth, a planet that is nearby and is invisible is just plain silly.The great 
      majority of the photos and videos on the Internet are of some feature near the Sun, (apparently 
      supporting the claim that Nibiru has been hiding behind the Sun for the past several years.) .
      These are actually false images of the Sun caused by internal reflections in the lens, often 
      called lens flare. 

There are speculations that the US government is trying to hide the truth about Nibiru for whatever reason. 
It is a fact that with technology, it is difficult for any government to keep secrets from the public,  a system 
that is known to backfire badly. In the case of Nibiru, if it were real, amateur and professional astronomers 
around the world  can not keep a secret of this importance even if they are advised strongly not to. 
How can any astronomer hide a planet?

Polar Shift Theory

There is a theory claiming that the earth's crust rotates 180 degrees around the core in a matter of 
days or hours. There are many “disaster” website promoting doom and gloom for 2012. They claim 
a disastrous result of magnetic reversal that will trigger a reversal of polarity poles.

According to NASA scientists, the magnetic polarity of the earth does  change irregularly with  a 
magnetic reversal occurring on an average of every 400,000 years, and it does not cause any harm 
to life on earth. As well, it is highly unlikely to happen within the next few millenia. Doomsayers are 
claiming a magnetic reversal is coming soon on 2012  which will trigger a reversal of rotational poles.

NASA  replies to  these false claim because the bottom line is :

a. rotation direction and magnetic polarity are not related
b. no reason to expect a reversal of magnetic polarity or bad effect on life if it does happen.
c.sudden shift in rotational pole with disastrous results is not going to happen of alignments are based on conspiracy theories.

Looking at the Galaxy, the Milky Way, Planetary alighments,  Solar Storms, Dark Rift...

There  is on-going discussion about the alignment of Earth and Sun with the center of the Milky Way 
in the constellation Sagittarius which occur every December with no incidents. Why should this alignment 
be any different in 2012 as from any other years?

Some claim that Earth is in the center of the Milky Way.  According to NASA scientist, in the Milky  Way 
Galaxy, the Earth is far towards the edge of the spiral galaxy, some 30,000 light years from the  center. 
The Earth circles the galactic center every 225-250 million years, always at approximately the same 
distance. This topic requires a separate article and discussed in more length.
The Mayan Connection

The astronomer Phillip Plait has stated clearly that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012.  It is 
like the odometer of a car, as each section reaches 0, it clicks over to 0, the next number starts a 
new cycle, starting with 1.

How did this ancient calendar promote the fear the end of the world on December 21,2012, the day 
of winter solstice? Many believe in the accuracy of past predictions based on the Mayan calendar. 
How could it be that specific about what is going to happen on December 21,2012?

Thanks to Hollywood for exploding the fear of the end of the world on 2012, compounding the 
sensationalism and constant stream of inaccuracies from written materials on the subject.The Mayan 
calendar is not like the modern Gregorian calendar with days, weeks, months and years. The Mayan 
calender system is remarkably accurate, the most complicated calendar based on integer arithmetic 
that has ever existed. There are multiple ways of counting this calendar, perhaps as many as 17. 

A Long Count date is the tally of days from that mythic start-up. 

Parts of the Mayan calendar:
Religious calendar has 260 days to complete a religious cycle broken down to 20”weeks”  each
with 13 days. Each week has a special name and a graphic  and specific logo.

Solar calendar has 365 days divided into 18 months of 20 days each. At the end of the cycle 
are five special days considered to be unlucky because these days do ot belong to any month.

Long count calendar  is the calendar that supposedly contains the prophecy of 2012. 
One of the more complex ways to count the days of the Maya calendar is the Long Count. The count is 
known as the Gregorian Proleptic Calendar, which is the normal Gregorian Calendar, extending 
backwards into time before it was invented or used.  A Long Count date is the tally of days from that 
mythic start-up. Most experts think the start point corresponds to Aug. 11, 3114 B.C.

A Long Count date may be converted into a single number that represents the days passed, or until, 
the zero date.  At exactly 11:11 AM Universal Time on the Solstice on December 21, 2012. The Maya 
Long Count calendar will come to an end. It does not mean the end of the world, but the end of a cycle .
Much like the start of a New Year every January 1.  At the end of the long count, a fresh cycle starts.

The Mayan calendar intervals accumulate as multiples of 20. An interval of 7,200 days (360 × 20) was 
known as a katun. It takes 20 katuns to complete a baktun (20 × 7,200 = 144,000 days).  Although 
some ancient inscriptions turn 13 baktuns into an important reset milestone, others imply that the 
calendar simply keeps running. For instance, it takes 20 baktuns to make a pictun. There is no evidence 
that the Mayans saw a catastrophic end on December 21,2012.

In 1975 Frank Waters, a romantic and speculative author, devoted a brief section to the subject in 
his book Mexico Mystique. No one paid much attention to the end of Baktun 13 until fairly recently.

In 1987, interest on the Mayan calendar caught on. Jose Arguelles in his book, The Mayan Factor: 
Path Beyond Technology, linked the 13-baktun period with an impalpable "beam" from the center of 
the Milky Way Galaxy.  According to Argüelles, the Maya knew when we entered this beam and when 
we would leave it, and set their 13-baktun cycle to mark our passage through it.Arguelles claims to be 
an "artist, poet, and visionary historian

In 1995,  John Major Jenkins packaged several of these themes into Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. 
According to Jenkins, the winter-solstice point and the centerline of the Galaxy will line up exactly on 
Dec. 21. 2012. Jenkins concludes that it will be "a tremendous transformation and opportunity for 
spiritual growth, a transition from one world age to another."

Some believe that there are great climatic  disturbances around the globe, and that it is already 
starting  in the year, 2011. It helps to be prepared for any disaster or calamity. Spreadwide  panic 
will  only create anxiety, chaos and fear. A lot of information is based on pseudoscientific data, 
wishful thinking, ignorance of astronomy and a lot of paranoia.

Real astronomy does not support any match between the Baktun-13 end date and a galactic alignment.
In fact, astronomy cannot pinpoint such a "galactic alignment" to within a year, much less a day. 

Ref: e-how, wikipedia, Mayan calendar,doomsday

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