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Re-fresh, Re-hash, Re-write
 by Bonnie Moss  (c)  2005-08

You are running out of ideas, you sit down in front of your computer and stare
at the blank screen with a blank mind. Your fingers are idly waiting for some
action.Is this a writer's block? Perhaps.

You must have an Ideas file .Better yet, go over your article file.There must
be a title that catches your attention. Open the file and go over the titles. See
a title from years ago? Does it still appeal to today�s readers with a bit 
of retouching?  Hmmm.

Ask yourself, what audience did you write this for? Is it possible to re-arrange it 
for another age group, an interest group, or add a twist to give it a different flavor 
and make it current for the same group you wrote it for. Present it with a fresh 
perspective.What other insights have you gained since you wrote this article?

Take the subject of diet or nutrition. The different age groups have different dietary
and nutritional requirements. Add to this lifestyle. Not everyone subscribes to the 
same patterns of living. This topic has potentials for expansion.

Your journal offers a wealth of ideas. It is not about sharing your experiences, per se, 
although that may not be a bad idea. Your journal contains what lies very deep in your
heart, your psyche, your joys, your ramblings and more. 

Topics that touch your heart, emotions you can share, lessons that your readers can 
learn, words that inspire them to open their minds, nurture their spirits and more. There 
are nuggets of insights from the depths of your soul. 

Do you blog? You wrote something in the spur of the moment, a fleeting joy, tidbits
of information and more ramblings. Pick a topic. Expand on it. If you wrote it,
hoping to share it with others in your blog, rewrite it and give it your best shot.
Voila, a new  article  waiting to be written.

Turn your personal writings into the second person, in the active voice, present it as
fresh as if it were happening right now. You can almost see your reader nodding his/her 
head in agreement, thinking, yes, I could have written this myself. Why didn' I think of it?

Writing is not about searching for new ideas all the time. Sometimes, it is worthwhile to
re-write and remind others that the past carries on today and moves forward to tomorrow.

The wisdom of the ages is forever.
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