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The Scenic Route
by John Michael Flores


At East Branch, I detour North onto Route 30 and
towards Pepacton Reservoir. Even on AAA maps that show
precious little detail, Route 30 looks intriguing.
Starting at Route 17, it follows the sinuous shoreline
of the reservoir, then shoots northward, eventually
becoming the spinal column of Adirondack State Park�s
network of roads. The road starts slow and easy with a
series of bends following the East Branch of the
Delaware River, and I slowly build confidence and
speed. The ride intensifies as I find a quickened pace
that matches the rhythm of the road, late apexing the
broad turns, accelerating confidently towards the next
bend. Things are happening too quickly to really see
the reservoir through the trees. I catch glimpses of
it, somewhere on my left, when all of a sudden - BAM!
- I�m struck with a vista worth slowing down for, and
cross the reservoir on a thin sliver of a bridge. Stay
on this road and your heading towards the Adirondacks.
That will have to wait another day, however, so I turn
around and resume my journey Southward along small
roads leading me to Roscoe and back to Route 17.

17 South brings me quickly to Liberty, where I exit
in search of more blacktop bliss. Inadequate road
signage frustrates me as I look in vain for 55 South,
but I eventually find it and am rewarded with another
lightly-travelled road with high-speed sweepers and
decent site lines, allowing me to make good progress
and enjoy doing so. Right when I think to myself, �Now
might be a good time to eat lunch...� I find myself at
Buster�s on White Lake, where 55 joins 17B for a blink
of an eye, before turning South again towards the
Delaware River. Buster�s has a lazy Summer Sunday
atmosphere, relaxing on the deck, eating some really
good ribs, watching people and bikes and cars and

boats and life drift by. Duly sated, I resume my trip
along 55 South towards Barryville and the Delaware
River. Post-rib 55 is as good as pre-rib 55, the bike
ignoring any added mass I may have accumulated at lunch.

At Barryville, I turn left onto 97 South, which
traces an inebriated beeline towards Port Jervis.
There is more traffic here than I've seen all day, but
it isn't all that much, and I'm more than happy to
relax, watch the people enjoying a day on the river,
and take in the scenery as the road jitterbugs towards
Hawk's Nest and Port Jervis. All that's left between
me and home now is the curvy climb to High Point, the
descent down the other side, and the turn onto 519
South. These are familiar NJ country roads, which,
after a long day, feel like old friends. I bring the
pace down a couple of notches and cruise home.

My GPS tells me that this trip took me 7 hours
instead of the customary 3.5. It also tells me that it
70 miles longer than the normal route. In my uptight
youth, I might have considered this an inefficient,
wasted day. But now I know better, and can�t wait for
another one just like it.

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The Scenic Route

About John Mike

One can not ask for a better son, brother, nephew ,
uncle or friend.He has a heart of gold, wise beyond
his years,he knows how to listen, never judgmental,
I can go on and on.
Mike is very creative, he loves to travel on his
motorcycle,evident by this article,he's taken up
writing, he's also very dedicated to his career.
He finds the balance between his busy career,
time with his family and friends, and time for
himself on his bike and pursue his dreams.

Thank you , dear nephew for helping me with
my site, Golden Cup Cafe.

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