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Walking the Path with the Majors-

Bonnie Moss 2004-01 -31(c)
What Tarot Means To Me
Tarot inspires me!

It offers a different perspective on life, what is it we're searching for, which path 
to take, and always, it reminds us that we are all part of this universe.No matter 
how tough the battle is, most of the answers lie deep within, if only we stop to listen.

Tarot is more than just a deck of cards. The artwork ranges from fascinating, inspiring, 
awesome, sublime ,to the ludicrous, ridiculous, even gruesome. 

This is the true beauty of the tarot,it allows one to express one's fascinations, deep 
stirrings of one's soul, encourage the psyche, the imagination to explore one's  
fanaticsm, one's fantasies and reveal beliefs, hopes and dreams.

The Major Arcana of the tarot depict images, characters that convey insights,messages, 
clarity and delve deep into the soul, reveal the shadows, the secret longings or pain, fears 
as well as hopes , may even point to possibilities one has never thought of.

Although shrouded in mystery,Tarot is rich in symbolism, geometric patterns, colors, 
angels, animals,mythological images,the list goes on.

It offers choices on which decisions can be based. Add to this the application of 
numerology, astrology, the tree of life for those who study and understand this subject.
The possibilities are endless.

As one tarot writer puts it, it shows the keys, choose which  door each key fits. As in 
real life, isn't it a wonder what makes a person tick?

To me, tarot is poetry.I invite you to join me, let me take you on a poetic journey with 
the tarot. Take your time,turn on your favorite soul music, and relax.

Major Arcana: there are 22 cards 
Cards 1-7: 
deals with who we are, what we are or can be, what we deal with in our material, physical 
world; our virtues, our vices,our secret wishes and desires.

Cards 8-14:
Different forces , energies, influences encountered in our journey through life coming  
from the environment and at times not entirely under our control

Cards 15-21:
What is meant to be will be, cosmic influences to face influence and energy offered if we but 
take heed.

Card 0 or 22: 
The Fool is a part of all the Major Arcana cards It joins together all the other cards of 
the Major Arcana in the spiritual journey 

Pictorial Key to the Tarot  by Arthur Waite
Pictures from the Heart  by Sandra A. Thomson 
Legend Tarot, Keeper of the Words  by Anna-Marie Ferguson
Templar Tarot by Daria Kelleher 
Rider-Waite Tarot
Angel Paths.com

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