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by Bonnie Moss 2003-12

..dancers lost in ecstasy,
swaying gracefully this way and that
radiating warmth and passion
on and on they dance,
oblivious to echoes from the distant world...
feel the power of the energy
I am the Fire In Your Spirit


The suit of Wands represent the element Fire.It  speaks of power, authority, special talents,
creativity,inner self,vision, along with the passion to pursue. It is related to what Jung's refers to 
as intuitive function. Fire has a transforming energy,strongly indicating the power of the Will, fire 
reflect dynamic forces available,the ability to reach deep into the Spirit for guidance. As with 
any force,balance is needed to bring out the best a Wand card has to offer.Unrestrained, the 
energy follows the path of confusion .

Ace of Wands I am the force of creativity.I offer encouragement and inspiration. I bring energy to add spark to your life. I pave a new path, carve out a fresh plan, but yours is the choice to act or not.Savor the beauty of Nature,flow with the Universe,Live in the NOW. Listen, listen to your Inner self, for it will not lead you astray. But, be wary, for too much energy brings over confidence,even carelessness, and too much power.Tread cautiously, reign in the force,but act, for something special is in store, a chance to reach that goal, even healing of deep wounds. Follow through or my offer may pass you by. Appreciate yourself, reflect on the good things, and blocks will dissipate.Open the door to the power and light of your inner self and the Mystery of Life. Unlike the Fool ready to step over the precipes in his innocence,this card stands for one who is ready to forge ahead with full knowledge and preparation to face what lies ahead. Two of Wands What do you see beyond the horizon? What ideas come, what visions do you see as you gaze at the horizon? Listen to your inner voice, learn about harmony and balance, do not ignore the power of the Universe. Let ideas flow, here is an opportunity to pursue your endeavours. Two stands for duality,cooperation and balance. Acknowledge your gifts, yourself, your courage and honorable motives. Do not let obstacles discourage you. Think positive instead of feeling down and lost in the dark. At times, the road gets bumpy and full of potholes. Do not wallow in your confusion and misery, take heed when I am reversed. Three of Wands In number three, expression comes, creativity flows. Express your innermost thoughts. Be true to yourself, and clarity will be yours. Here is a chance to fulfill your dreams and strengthen your self-confidence, discover and develop to your full potential. Believe in the power of the Light, this brings you in harmony with yourself and your world. You are capable of deep insight, do not waste this talent. Understand your virtues, your skills, your talents; View what you have to offer with conviction and faith. Be more aware of yourself, stay in harmony with your Spirit, deal with your doubts and fears, live according to your values and standards. Do not forget to share what you can with the world. Take note when I turn up in reverse. Disappointments are part of Life. No one is spared. Learn what you can from your mistakes, and get on with self-assurance and faith.Forgive yourself ,do not let guilt cast you to a lifetime of imprisonment. Draw upon the fire in your spirit. Four of Wands Feel the pleasure of fulfillment, of goals achieved with patience, perseverance and effort.You have completed a phase in your life. Dance to the music of Life,enjoy it, you have earned it. Savor the inner peace and harmony. Move on to the next step , rest not on your laurels but keep growing. Patience is a virtue, things will work out for you. Have faith, follow your ideas through and make things happen. Celebrate life and all that it has to offer. Four is a number of stability. Even if I come in reverse, the setback is temporary,plans are delayed, relationships lose their meaning and, please do not put too much emphasis on material gains Five of Wands Five is a number of instability, strife, struggle and competition. Are you feeling the weight of seemingly endless struggle in life. Do you feel threatened? Life is chaotic at presen, but, think of your trials and suffering as lessons and have faith that you will overcome the obstacles. Wade through the confusion, listen to your inner voice, pay attention to those around you, for help may be within your reach, if you believe in trusting others for completion. You may have too many projects at hand, learn to focus and be grounded. There is only so much you can do, especially when confronted with a challenging issue.This is my message when I show up in reverse. Six of Wands Six is a number of completion, assistance and idealism. With this card, have faith that you will overcome hurdles that come your way.Success is yours, your creative endeavours are rewarded, your goals are within your grasp, savour the glory, enjoy the triumph. Your hard work has paid off. Acknowledge your success, appreciate yourself, for you alone can validate your victory. Do not allow disillusion to cloud your judgment. Disappointment is part of life, not meant to put a stop to all endeavours. Keep on going learn what you can,reassess the issue or situation, but do believe in yourself, for in reverse, you need to keep your focus. Seven of Wands Whenever is Life without struggle? It is during confusing times that you need to draw upon your inner resources, be introspective. With number seven comes insight, unexpected change and a deeper sense of perception. Which areas of your Life do you wish to improve upon? What would you change if you were offered the chance? Take heart, change may already be on the way. Do not feel overburdened, as I come reversed. Let go of your self-doubt, weigh carefully the advice or comments of others, stand by what you believe in- yourself. Eight of Wands The number eight brings with it power, energy, organization, and control. Thoughts, ideas and plans are racing in your mind. Get focused and organized. So much is riding on your ability to put things in perspective, one thing at a time. This is a call to your inner strength, beliefs, and to listen and connect with your Higher self. A journey maybe at hand, a travel of mind or actual travel .Swift is how things will come and go. But do not get carried away. As I turn up in reverse. I advice caution, hasty decisions may cause for regret and conflict, beware of rushing into relationships. Nine of Wands Sometimes the past hangs on and hinders progress.There is strength and energy with this card, and a streak of stubbornness and even a feeling of hostility. This calls upon the forces of the spirit and the mind to confront the battles you face. What sounds do you hear as the wind beats against your being? What stirs your soul? Draw upon your inner strength to face the opposition.Remember the nine is a number of completion and fulfilment. In reverse, you are unable to listen, even confused, take note of warning signs .Regain your personal power, let the pains of the past go, confront the shadows that hinder you from reaching your full potential. Ten of Wands This is a time to test your strength, your character. Heavy burden upon your shoulders will challenge your depth and courage. In number ten, you'll find new beginning through the completion of tasks. You learn your lessons well.There's a chance to rise above the pressure and succeed Be careful not to let your power get to your head. Feel the fire within you, the passion and the creative ways to deal with the challenges you face. In reverse, do not knock yourself down. Defeat may be unavoidable, deal with it, let it end and let life go on. But tread with caution INDEX Article Archive Tarot Articles