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 The Cups:A Story

The Cups: A Story
by Bonnie Moss (c) 2002


Ace of Cups: A gift of the Cup and water is offered to me. A gift that paves the way to a starting point. I open my heart and soul to new relationships, social and personal, I draw from my inner strength to give and to receive towards fulfillment. I see a new beginning;I plant the seeds of love and friendship. This is an emotional moment. TWO: True love is enduring. Is this for real, will this relationhsip last? Can it weather the storms? Guide me my Inner self, that I will not get lost in the excitement, in the passion and end up disillusioned. But, if I am sure of myself and the love I give, with mutual caring and sharing, lovers and friends, we shall be. Together ,our love will grow. THREE: In life, we need to celebrate the gifts of love, gifts of beauty and gifts of the earth. I open my heart and my house to family and friends, and ignore the inevitable petty annoyances that is part of any relationship. No one is perfect. Together we celebrate,we savor the moment. The present is what matters. I accept the diversity and respect the different sets of values, I can define and validate my feelings, my emotions. Who am I to impose my beliefs and standards upon others? FOUR: Nothing in life is permanent. The river does not always flow gently.I feel the onset of boredom and apathy. What am I missing? Yes, the silence is deafening after a party, after the guests have departed. I need to take a closer look at my life, go deeper into my self and find joy once again in Life. What have I ignored? What am I neglecting? Where have I faltered? My feelings are dead. FIVE: All I can see are the three empty Cups,is my pain and loss so contained in these three Cups? I can move on, but I need to confront my loss, accept my grief, if I want to go on.There is love in my heart, enough to help me forgive. The two Cups behind me are full- I need to connect with my inner self- to draw strength to move on.Know that Life has more to offer.Do not let this pain separate me from the world. SIX Ahh!! But who does not have pleasant memories to cherish. I recognize good karmic ties from past acquaintances and friends in my younger years. What past fears and faults do I need to deal with to allow me to find renewal and strengthen my spirit? This is a time to reassess the path to tread. A time to take a closer look at my values. A time to reconnect with my roots. I have to let go of past fears, to allow new desires and feelings to grow. Hmm--- I might even receive a present. SEVEN Is this reality, illusion or a vision? Where are my shadows? I'm off balance, caught up in my confusion, too many choices, options and temptations. I seek my inner self to help me sort out through my strongest fears and anxieties, so that I may act upon them. I will not know what is right till I have acted. Meditation will be helpful. I need to be grounded and focused. I need to reel in my scattering energies and imagination that is going wild, emotions are fully charged EIGHT Life is demanding at best. What fears and pain confront me that I just want to walk away from them? This is not the answer,if I run away from them now, these negative energies will come back to haunt me. What relationships are no longer compatible? What desires aredragging me down? What about lost hopes and dreams? I need time to think about these. I see a goal, it will not be easy, but as I approach my goal,I need to face the intimidating and negative influences. May these blocks along the way dissipate.I will listen to my inner self, my soul,and move on. I must give myself, my soul a chance to regenerate. NINE: How wonderful it is to see my wish, my dreams come true.But maybe, I have too many wishes and dreams. But, has the fulfillment come too late? I am no longer excited? Why are the Cups behind? Am I really in touch with my self? Do I tend to indulge? This I have to watch. I need to be grounded and find my center. There is no room for imbalance. But, I will enjoy themoment of a dream or wish fulfilled. TEN: Is this the ultimate in happy relationships and emotions? Happiness that survived a rough patch. They say, no pain, no gain; the Two of Cups fulfilled, watch the blossoms of family ,friends and associates But not to sound pessimistic, all things come to an end- good and bad! I will savor the moment, for NOW is what matters; learn what I can. Move on, for tomorrow is another day. This is the story of the Suit of Cups. INDEX
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