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 The Language of Tarot
Ten of Cups-A Family Tapestry

by Bonnie Moss 2009 (cc)

The suit of Cups seek out serenity and calmness, striving to emulate a gentle flowing river, 
nurturing all in it's wake and at the same time carving out new pathways in our lives, 
especially in families.

This suit of the Tarot Minor Arcana represent the element Water. It speaks of emotions, 
love and beauty, traits which are associated with Venus. The goddess of love invites us 
to drink deeply of the magical waters of life,love ,inspiration and pleasure.

The Ten of Cups reflects a harmonious and caring family; one that is supportive and encouraging. 
There is always a positive and negative to every facet of life. A cohesive family relationship
is wonderful.

Water influences the conscious and the subconscious forces that act upon our lives. Water 
pours forth to others,  sharing the feelings of love or sorrow and the emotions of joy or pain.

As with everything, there is a positive and negative aspect.

The Ten of Cups  suggests some negative side.This card shows over-protectiveness, one 
member taking all the credits,a tightly knit family does not encourage widening the social circle.

Water seeks to heal and nurture those around it when emotions tend to run high. Uncontrolled 
emotions can send a family on a turbulent path resulting in moodiness and unpredictable highs 
and lows .

Every family weaves intricate,intriguing and interesting design into  their tapestry. Rich or poor, 
there is history woven into a family. It is never completed.Each generation, each family member 
has their own design to add.

Patience, perseverance, tolerance, convenience and self-sacrifice kept families together in the 
past centuries. There was a strong sense of family.Honor and respect was important especially
for the elders. Obedience was expected. Domestic squabbles were kept private. And what family 
did not have secrets? Closely guarded indiscretions were shoved in the closet,shared only with 
a few members. However, secrets do have a way of leaking out where it should not.

Families work on their issues and try to resolve these as best as they can. Going separate ways 
was not an answer even if it was the only answer. Life was simpler. There was more time to spend 
with family and friends. 

Fast forward to the 21st century. So much has changed from the previous generations. It gets more 
complicated with the advent of technology and travel. There is a gap to be bridged between parent 
and offspring. It no longer matters that families are within one roof- supposed to share the same values,
with the parents as the role models, accorded due respect .

In some families, the parents have no authority over their children, younger or older. They can not 
exercise this God given right even when the occasion calls for it.

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