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 Tarot and Self Empowerment

Tarot and Self Empowerment
by Bonnie Moss 2002(c)


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can,and wisdom to know the difference..... Reinhold Neiebuhr

Life is what we make it. It helps to get in touch with our inner selves. Thomas Moore in his book, The Re-enchantment of Everyday Living,he touches on the topic of divination, tarot, runes I-ching, oracle, get in touch with the inner soul. Tarot offers the opportunity to be more insightful as we embark on this journey called Life. More people are turning to Divination to find answers, direction, to clarify their confusion, to re-enforce what they already know but need to hear it from someone else. As a reader,I find it rewarding. Every question I receive, I see reflections of my own needs, mistakes, shortcomings and most importantly, strengths. I learn from my readings, I do a daily card reading. I reach within. It does not take a complicated spread to seek the path to self empowerment. Every card of the Tarot brings a message of insight, of hope even when we are at the edge of uncertainty, at our witsí end, caught in the turmoil that is part of life, for some do have it worst than others. Tarot offers help to probe deep into the soul to find the weakness and turn it to strength.Tarot lights the path amid darkness. Tarot helps us come down to earth when we think we are on top of the world and nothing can destroy our power. It can be a humbling experience. Yes, Tarot is a tool to self- empowerment. Meaningful Relationships: Many of us have trouble expressing much less showing our true emotions. The suit of Cups deal with the emotions, subconscious, spirituality, love. Look at the Ace of Cups,in the Rider-Waite deck, this card shows a hand emerging from the clouds, holding out a cup, from which flows 5 streams of water falling into a lily pond.These 5 streams represent the five senses. This card denotes deep feelings, intuitive knowing, a strong attraction. It could also mean an encounter or synchronistic event. The Ace of Cups asks us to examine life.Is the loving energy expressed and felt? Love is the essence of a situation, sometimes, it may not be romantic love. Find out ways to connect with others, in search of a soulmate,it does not necessarily mean a romantic link. It asks us to trust our intuition and feelings, explore our consciousness and our connection with Spirit to guide us in a new direction. New friendships, beneficial relationships are possible. The Karma would be positive, and energizing. The Ace of Cups encourages us to work on our spiritual insight and development. and to embrace the love that is the Ace of Cups. Changes in Our Path : Death Card Death is numbered thirteen and is the most feared, card in the deck.We see the Grim Reaper. This card almost always signifies a major change in one's life. It signifies endings, but not necessarily shocking and disruptive ones. When things end, this makes room for a new beginning.The past should be just that, let it be done with, learn from it, get over it and let it go. Whatever emotional excess baggage was accumulated should be discarded, enjoy the freedom that comes with this release. Tread along a new path. Let go of fears and other obstacles that hinder the path. This card comes up after a chaotic and confusing period. It is time to rise above the crisis and dilemma, misgivings and fear. This card shares its energy to gather all the courage to move on. This is easier said than done, but this is a message of self-empowerment. Enjoy the breath of fresh air as obstacles are cleared, and paves the way to move forward. It is a time to reflect on the spiritual side of life, to help ease the turmoil.Accept the challenge to move toward our goals, attempt to fulfill hopes and dreams, away from negative energies. Learn to find that harmony of our thoughts to our actions. Instability , Insecurity- The Suit of Swords Who has not known these negative feelings? The Sword suit of the Tarot is considered by many as the bearer of negative feelings, events. Life is not without its problems, its dark clouds, its shadows. The Five of Swords or Five of Pentacles are bearers of negative issues. But, it does not have to be. Number five represents change and instability. When these cards turn up, they should not be intimidate and incite fear.There may be setbacks, disappointments, things are just not happening. The question is how to deal with these uncertainties. Amid our struggles, our trials and burdens, we can remain strong and try to remain positive. It is not the end of the world. This attitude and determination helps us to defeat loss. It would be good to know who to trust; never underestimate the power of other people's malice. But please do not think of getting even in the same manner. Life is never stagnant- change is part of life. Life does go on. Think about this: how do we deal with disappointments, are we afraid to take risks or chances because of fear of failure? Do we feel life is not giving us a fair deal? What is our general attitude to all these? Are we cautious about people we take into our confidence? The Bright Side:The Sun Yes, donít we all look forward to waking up to a sunny day after days of gloom and doom? Take comfort in the warmth, the light of the Sun. When this card comes up especially when we are going through a rough patch, take a deep breath and think positive.Surround yourself with the energy of the Sun, for this card offers just that! In the bright light of the Sun, nothing can be hidden. Sometimes it teases us to see the good, the bad and the ugly. This card brings to light a lot of issues. Some are happy, others cause pain. The Intuitive Self: The Moon. This is a Major Arcana card, thus, shares a major influence at the time of reading. In the Rider Waite deck, the Moon appears both as full and in first quarter.In the foreground, a wolf and a dog at bay on the shore below, a crayfish crawls out of the water. Two towers are in the background bordering the rugged path to the unknown. A full moon casts brightness, but with it is an eerie feeling, one wonders about shadows that may be lurking under the bright moon, mysterious night-time scene. The water depicts the subconsious,the depths of the mind, as one reaches out to the soul. When the Moon appears in a reading, this indicates a time to search inwards, go within the depths of our soul. It indicates the release of intuitive and psychic abilities.This card may indicate a period of deception and deceit, time to listen to that inner voice, for it will never lead us astray.Yes, it seems like the shadows of the past will hover and haunt . Is the deception obvious? Ahh, but we have the power to steer clear and away from it. We need to ask, what is it that draws us to a person, to a situation after so much pain? Learn to love ourselves first, for unless we do, we are open to be taken advantage of, invite insincerity and deceit. The Moon casts shadows, illusions, uncertainties, things are viewed in a different light.This calls for caution, when going through a period of being very sensitive,a period of emotional roller coaster. A yearning for something, when hopes are dashed and the Moon turns up, it signals a time to listen to that inner voice, time to go within, deep within. No one wants to go through another unpleasant experience, for this card may be raising a caution flag. On the positive side, there could be chance for good relationship with family and friends who we feel comfortable and happy with. If we learn to trust again,they will be supportive . This is a time to draw upon our creative abilities, to express ourselves, bring out the hidden talents waiting to take wings, anything to keep busy, worthwhile activities that will improve the emotional state. Leap of Faith There are occasions when we will be asked to take a blind leap of faith under the influence of the Tower. Remember this card signals breakthrough and extension - growth from experience, and self trust. Whenever we are unsure about our abilities to deal with things, remind ourselves what we have already passed through in this life. There's a river of knowledge flowing through us already. HIGHER SELF :The High Priestess Go deeper within through meditation to hear the insights of that inner voice, to calm you down and see the light.This card represents the mysteries of life, the intuitive faculties, development of psychic abilities. Do you pay attention to your dreams? The power is within oneself to bring about the ideas, surges of wisdom and thus power. Spend some time in quiet reflection and contemplation to hear that quiet voice, to the things it knows about that you haven't had the opportunity to catch up. You have a lot to offer, use this gift in a positive way so that it will also come back to you in a most beneficial way. Meditation is a good way to find focus, to calm the mind, body and spirit. It helps to calm nerves, to still the sometimes cluttered mind, to bring out the most noble intention. The darkest cards of the tarot deck have some light in them.So do the lightest cards have some dark. It's easy to see only the part of the card we like or fear, but sometimes you need to see the subtle parts too. To know ourselves is the greatest tool to self-empowerment! INDEX Article Archive