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 One Card Reading

Bonnie Moss(c) 2003

Tarot goes deeper than providing answers that sometimes has no relevance to the client's question. If we are to let the Tarot help,we must be open to more than expecting a yes or no answer, or set out directions like a map.

I do emphasize that nothing is etched in stone,we are responsible for our choices and decisions, what the Tarot can give us is insight that empowers us to steer our way along a better path, learn to let life flow and appreciate all that the Universe has to offer.

When I first started reading tarot via e-mail,it left me cold, I thought it is too impersonal, no client contact, etc., that has changed. Perhaps it is the anonymity that seduces people to dare seek some clarification of their confusion,validate what they already know, or just hear it from someone else.

There are more seekers than there are readers out in cyber tarot, not including the electronic readers. This is where I personally find the relevance of one-card readings. I take the liberty of rephrasing questions. It is widely preached that how the question is worded is significant. It is amazing how much insight one card can give,how much light it sheds on a question; how a one card can delve deep into the psyche of the querent, yes, even via e-mail.

The 8 of Swords

Here's a sample of a reading that did not reflect the question at all, here's what the client had to say:

Thank you for my reading. I found the information spot on, so much so. I know I am stressed or anxiety or something. I have a lot to do - 3 kids, studies and a husband who works long hours then surfs on the weekends. So yes, I do feel trapped, restricted. Especially since we finished building our first home - a lot of work and stress - the work is never ending. And

Yes, I am going through a time of indecision, inability to focus, and OVERWHELMED. This is my current life situation at the moment. However my question in relation to the dark shadow-....

This was the interpretation: ( one card reading)

The Tarot card drawn for this reading was the 8 of Swords. Swords is always looked upon as "bad news" Maybe so, but therein is the power of the message. Swords is a suit that reflects stress, difficulties,and other negative energies. But Swords is of the element AIR- the ability to intellectualize and analyze situations,gain better perspective to improve the situation.

If we look at the figures in the Sword suit ( Rider-Waite), they all look dejected and scorned, yet,the impediments are movable,if one wills it. In the Rider-Waite deck, a blindfolded woman has her hands behind her and eight swords surround her.

This card represents the fear or apprehension of the unknown. Sometimes this happens when one feels trapped, restricted. Literally feel one's hands are tied, feeling one is unable to move on, something is holding one back. Sometimes under stress, negative flow of energy may come from an outer influence, not of a friendly nature- thus, the darkshadow. This may happen when one's feelings and surroundings are negative, gloomy and seems like nothing is going right. One tries to hide in the darkness of the night with a heavy heart invites negative energy.This may be a sign that you are going through a period of indecision, inability to focus, and perhaps feeling overwhelmed.

My friend, you have to snap out of this, deal with what it is that is bothering you. Write down your priorities. List the possible solutions. You have to deal with the source of what is stressing you out.

Try to avoid going around in circles, a clear sign of not being centered. Do not walk around feeling guilty. When one is overwhelmed with life's crises,one loses focus. The first step is to stay grounded. Make sure you feel the earth under your feet, that you feel the solid ground. Take a few minutes to get centered and focused. This will somehow help you get a better perspective of things.

Try to ignore people who project negative vibrations. No good can come of engaging in this type of situation. I've always believed in going to sleep withhappy thoughts.

Dear client, this is the insight the Tarot shares at this time of reading. Feedback like this is encouraging- to know that somehow I reached out to someone, perhaps, from this readin. She can sort her way through her dilemma, the dark shadow that seem to haunt her at night will vanish, for it seems like the shadow is a manifestation of stress and the negative energy around her.

This is how I feel about one-card readings. To me,there is no right, there is no wrong way to interpret a card. A reader with deep insight adds the element of perspective, a very important aspect of life.

I choose the 8 of Swords, for who has not felt the dilemma depicted in this card, the Lord of the Shortened Force?

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