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 The Language of Tarot
Numbers and Tarot

by Bonnie Moss(c) 2006-08

Tarot offers the wisdom of the ages to those who are open to it. Tarot helps one to 
find the path, it can pave the way for the seeker. It can provide the key to open doors
 if one lets it. 

Tarot touches upon so many aspects of life,some intricate, some simple and fundamental.
Images on the cards can be interpreted in different perspectives in relation to other
cards in the spread. In tarot reading, there is no right or wrong. 

Numbers and tarot go hand in hand. A good grasp of the significance of numbers in the
tarot cards can be very helpful.

Interpretation of numbers:

Tarot Suits: 
It is important to be familiar with the tarot suits to understand the significance of the
numbers in relation to that suit.

Wands are associated with the fire element. This suit relates to creativity, inspiration,
motivation and enthusiasm. Energy, spirit, growth and enterprise are also indicated by 
this suit.

In relation to other cards, wands can indicate if the energy is positive or negative. In most 
decks, wands are shown as rods or staff with twigs growing from it; it may also represent 
a weapon to fight or proclaim victory.

This suit represents the water element. It relates to emotions, relationships, beauty, 
fertility, affairs of the heart. It deals with the sub-conscious mind and instinct.

This suit represents the element air.Most pictures of this suit show aggression, defeat,
misfortune. It depicts the active world where people strive and fight with courage, 
which may be constructive  or destructive. Swords relates to mental energy, the ability 
to think one�s way out of a dilemma.

This is a suit representing Earth and all things of this material world. The coin-like 
discs are pentagrams,five-pointed stars, which are time, honored symbols of Man. 
This suit relates to career, enterprise, all things that pertain to physical and 
material necessity.  

It is number one, the beginning of all things.The number for creation and unity. It 
stands for the start of new projects, a new idea taking root.It is One God and the 
unity if man. Aces relate to raw energy,seize the moment while the energy is there. 
In some books, Aces indicate the seasons for new beginnings to present itself.

Duality, balance of forces negative or positive,collaboration in business ventures, 
unity and harmony in a relationship.

It is the yin and yang, opposites like day and night. It calls our attention to balance 
certain elements in our lives, recognize the existence of our inner and outer worlds.
It can mean the possibility of a new partnership. Two is the experience that follows 
what is expressed by the aces.

This number is known to indicate growth and expression. It is the Trinity of life, the 
triune of mind-body-spirit. One brings forth the idea,two works to bring it to fruition, 
three brings the fruits, thus calls for celebration.

It is a number of vision, creativity and perspective.In tarot, three can indicate 
confidence through acquired knowledge and understanding of the conflicts brought 
on by number two.

This number stands for stability. It is the cube, the square in its equality. Four is a 
number of reality,of the material world, the status quo. Four is the expression in 
the material world, of the conscious mind in this earthly life. When the the foundation 
is solid; there is stability, there are also limitations, which can result in stagnation. 
This period can be used to advantage, a time to rest.

It is a number of wholeness- the four elements, four cardinal points, four evangelists, 
four Gospels. In tarot, this number encourages a period of development to gain 
further insight.

Five represents the five senses, Five is a number of instability, uncertainty.It indicates 
constant activity and adversity. This  number can mean betrayal, insecurity, crises,
competition or regret. It is a number of anxiety over the unknown.

In tarot, five can reflect the need to make a choice or decision to get over a 
crisis, it can pave the way to new possibilities.

This number relates to balance, harmony, victory and equilibrium. It is believed that 
number six is the number of the mind.  It is an important number in ceremonial magic.

Cards with this number comes with a positive tone; pleasant memories of the past, a 
difficult phase is coming to pass, some victory is achieved and material well being is 
at hand.

Number six reflects how a situation is handled,how a challenge is overcome, 
new experience is on the horizon.

This is a number of unexpected change. Intuition, insight and perception are
indicated by this number. It shows a position of advantage against adversity
and  betrayal.

This number brings with it the possibilityof imagination going wild.
This is the number of mysticism.

This number stands for justice, judgment, material progress and health. It is the 
number if cosmic balance, symbolized in the Rider Waite Wheel of Fortune card. 

In tarot, eight can hint at the need to create new order when things are out of 
synch. It  can indicate a time to think things over, re-assess and re-evaluate and
take the time to set priorities. Eight encourages one to let go of the old and worn-out 
ideas and make way for the new.

This number symbolizes attainment on the three planes- physical, mental and spiritual.  
Number nine sums up all the forces of the other numbers.

Number nine stands for completion. It contains the seeds of a new beginning about to 
take root. It is symbolic of attainment on the three planes-physical, mental and spiritual. 

It brings a period of calm, anxiety, excitement and at times, regret. Number nine 
encourages one to be receptive and appreciative of the gifts and blessings of this life. 
It is a number that brings a semblance of stability through transformation.

Ten marks an ending and hints at a new beginning.Ten reflects the heavy load 
on one's  shoulders,but with this, an ending is forthcoming. Nothing lasts forever, 
neither good or bad.

Ten reinforces the impermanence of our material/physical world. It stands for a period 
of  transition as we persevere and struggle through stubbornly and with determination.

Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Waite
Picures from the Heart by Sandra Thomson

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