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Suit of Swords

Nine of Swords The Deep Recesses of the Mind
Bonnie Moss 2010-04 (c)

A tarot card can be a helpful  tool for reflection. Looking inward, within oneself
is both revealing and helpful. The suit of Swords  may indicate stress, anxiety, conflict or 
turmoil. This suit represents the element Air.  A Sword card conveys the message of courage, 
strength and mental energy.

Nine is a number of completion and fulfillment. With the nine of swords,  
there is anxiety and stress over the outcome.

There are nights you toss and turn. Suddenly, you are reminded of an issue 
that you buried a long time ago. Or so you thought!   You think of the people 
you try your best to stay away from.  Or someone you let slip away. Ask yourself 
how much longer can you bear this?

There are activities you find best to avoid. Think of your relationship.
How open are the communication channels with your loved ones?  You ask
yourself where oh where have I failed?  Could I have dealt with the issue
better?  These nagging thoughts have a habit of turning up at a time
when you are feeling most vulnerable.

Fear can be overwhelming- if you let it. It is a powerful emotion.
Fear can build blocks that make it difficult to navigate through life.
Fear brings up unresolved pain. What causes this fear?  Was it something
you did that you are so ashamed to deal with it? Trauma from the past comes to 
haunt you. Fear can eradicate hope.  Fear is an emotion that can be very  
dominant when there is the slightest crack in the dark recesses of the mind.

The Nine of Swords  of the Rider-Waite deck shows a woman in deep anguish, the 
nine swords hanging  by her side. 

Guilt is another feeling that can keep you tossing and turning. Who judged  
you  guilty? Sometimes, we are our worst judge and critic. Arenít  you being 
hard on yourself?

Anger incites and provokes very unpleasant thoughts.  Are you so angry
that you want  to get even?  And  how are you going to do this? With anger
can come thoughts of revenge. Oh how sweet is the thought of vengeance!

Failure of any kind, be it personal, career or other endeavours can keep one
awake, opening wide the portal in the dark recesses of the mind.

Loneliness can magnify deep-seated feelings of being inadequate, of not
being good enough to be in a meaningful relationship.  Loneliness can
throw one deep into a bottomless pit. Somehow, in the darkness of
night, loneliness can take one with a forceful grip.

Such are the intricacies of Life.  There are things that happen in this Life
that is frightful, unpleasant, unfair, cruel or painful.  Life is an open door.  
Guests come in a variety of color, size, shape, intentions, actions and more. 
Some are welcome. Definitely, unwelcome and uninvited guests do enter our lives.

In the dark recesses of the mind are fragments of reminders of so many things.
There are unanswered questions, unfulfilled longings and passions, humiliations,
acts of commission or omission that you alone can know.

The past comes to life, creating the same anxieties, anger and other emotional
issues. Why? You ask yourself. The mind can play tricks if you let it.

The hard knocks of life are what build character. Life has a lot to offer. Peace
and happiness is offered to everyone. It is yours to take.

With the Nine of Swords, problems keep nagging at the person. Anxiety and stress 
builds up. It is important to face up to an issue or situation. Try to get to the 
cause of the problem,not  just  mull over it.  It may come to a point where counselling 
is recommended. Or simply talk to someone you are comfortable with.

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