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Me and My Website
by Bonnie Moss 2002 11

Me, My Website and HTML

  Entry March 2003

I was ecstatic when my nephew Tommy 3rd,  finally got my site built. He  apologized
that he is not creative.Really? Dormant, perhaps. His work on the Golden Cup Cafe is 
commendable! The navigation is easy,the presentation looks so neat.All that work!

I thought I'll try to learn how to edit a simple page. WOW!! I can't understand a thing.
It took many, many hours to learn how to copy a page, then use cut and paste
feature to add a new article.

Then disaster occurred. I messed up the homepage hopelessly. I phoned Tommy, he
said he had no idea how to fix it- he used a program that did everything. He suggested
I contact my other nephew- John Mike.

Whew , what a relief. He not only fixed the homepage, he added the logo - the small
figure of the top left of the page.

And a new image of the Golden Cup was born. My eternal gratitude to my nephews.

    Entry April 2003 

Mid - April 2003, I need a pat on the back.

All the updates on this site- give credit to myself. AHHHH. Necessity indeed is the 
Mother of Invention! So many, many hours spent trying to figure out how to add 
anything on the site, diligently studying the flags and tags related to html. Thanks 
to WEB MONKEY lots of information on html. Gotta love the Cheat Sheet.
Not bad for an old gal.I can not add new pages for now, add articles on existing 
pages,getting good with Cut and Paste.My dear guests, do bear with me. 

Metaphysics covers a broad range of topics, I barely scratch the surface. It took 
me years to make sense of some of the topics. Hopefully, in due time, new pages,
new articles will be added to make your visit more interesting and worth your time.

This page should really be renamed, move it to another page.Perhaps start a new 
section titled  MY PAGE. What do you think?    

    November 2004

How time flies.
Finally, this html lingo is getting easier to work with.Next thing to learn is how to upload
images. So far, so good!!!             

            For your convenience....
An easier way to check previous articles.Please
keep browsing.