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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part II

The Wheel of Fortune

A Meditation

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-23(c)

i ,the wheel of fortune turn,and turn.
at one point i lift man upwards, next moment ,
throw him down, such are the
ups and downs of life.

look closely at the spokes of the wheel.
look at the Y- facing up,
my arms reach upwards to the heavens.
when iím inverted, it is my expression of
grace descending from the skies
behold the hand of god,
of the grace he bestows.

when my 2Y meet, feel the kiss of god,
do you see the dot in my inner space?
i offer spiritual growth,that will
emerge as you focus on your physical world.
blush in the warmth that radiates from within,
savor the moment of life in motion .
imagine the core, the center of your world,
feel the stillness of this center,
although this world is constantly in motion.

the hermit calls upon your inner wisdom,
and introspection to light your path.
from me, the wheel of fortune,
i ask you to open your eyes
to your physical world,
listen to the needs of your body,
be conscious of your actions, your thoughts,
be noble , be fair, be all that you can be.
be open to surprises that fate may offer.
blessings come in many forms,
this, do not forget.

there is a season and a cycle for everything,
is it fate, is it luck that awaits? think!
understand the rhythm,not just the motion
i may call at the most unexpected moment,
feel the energies, the vibrations,
and find the hidden meanings,
listen to your inner self,
nurture your visions ,hold them high
for when i come knocking at your door,
be ready to enter a new cycle,
a new direction, perhaps some luck.

i bring the blessings of the universe
seize the day as i spin round and round
... i am the WHEEL of FORTUNE

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