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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part III

The Tower XVI

Bonnie Moss 2004-03-7(c)


lofty goals and lofty dreams, do you pursue, barely enough hours in the day to do it all, you fly high on your carpet of success you walk the unbeatable path, higher and higher you build your tower assured.secure and invincible. at times arrogant and consumed with your power. do you ever take a moment to ponder : what is missing? there are no clouds in the sky, no patch of darkness, nothing can go wrong. a moment can change your life, a moment that may have been brewing, unnoticed or ignored, not all men do I visit, the chosen are fortunate for i offer a chance at redemption. alas, many times man does not grasp my true intent, masked by the force ,by the upheaval for the time of reckoning has come i cast total disarray, disruption or despair, at times of dramatic proportions this is a time for reflection. how strong was the foundation of your empire? your truth,your reality blame not yourself, it gets you nowhere for this is not the purpose. think of the calm after a storm, you do not let despair take a grip, you accept the turmoil, pick up the pieces, rise from the ashes of chaos every ending brings a new beginning. i come as an eye-opener, i shake you to your roots that you may move on from this disruption,ever stronger and wiser. take heed , as i the TOWER come your way. Article Archive Tarot Articles