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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part II


Bonnie Moss 2004-01-18(c)

you see me in the face of every man, i am the shadow on your path, haunt you in your waking hours i am your recurring nightmare i am the shackles that bind you, shackles of your own choice, i lurk deep, very deep into your soul i burn with you in your lust, your passion, your weakness and your indulgence i take your power that you so willingly, at times unknowingly give away look in the mirror- do you like what you see? what have you made of yourself? oh how you deceive yourself, satisfy your delusions, your greed, your obsessions, your imagined reality. but- i came from the light driven out by my own greed and hunger for power,i challenged and threatened that which i came from and so i roam ,cast as symbol of evil, personified as the devil, called by many other names yet, i am lucifer, the bringer of light. i am in you, you are in me, tame the demons, the wild urge within you, turn the negative energy into postive, there is a power higher than yourself. you create your hell and live through it, you throw yourself in the dungeon of your beliefs, your illusions, your mirage, drown in the sea of confusion. if i come your way, stop and look at me, confront your fears, your anger, your insecurities go beyond and find your way, for there is a better way, dig yourself deeper in the mire, or mend your ways and seek redemption, walk the path to harmony and inner peace. the choice is yours judge me not, for you judge yourself. as you face me the DEVIL For your convenience.... ARTICLE ARCHIVE Tarot Articles