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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 2

Bonnie Moss 2004-02-17(c)

the winds of change blow your way, welcome the new beginning , do not be overwhelmed, grasp the encouragement, let go of what has ended. find balance and harmony i am temperance,i urge you to practise self control , let the positive aspect rule. think of the hierophant, of the noble thoughts and traditions he stands for, which at times is misunderstood, its true essence lost. as temperance, i soften the rigidity of the hierophant, i bring to front your realities, your contradictions. confront them, do not deny them for change is possible. find your balance. too much of anything tips the balance- too much love consumes and blinds, too much hate ends in anger and cruelty. with neglect and imbalance, the spirit is imprisoned, trapped and unable to find expression. walk the spiritual path to the exclusion of the physical leaves you out of touch with your world, pursuit of material wealth and neglect of the spirit does not bring fulfillment. steel is heated then tempered with cold water, wine is tempered with water. listen and act. let the fire of your spirit cleanse all that is negative,allow your true intentions to flow and grow strong. with me, it is possible to bridge the gap between conscious and the sub-conscious, between desire and reality. sail on freely on an even keel. with me...TEMPERANCE ARTICLE ARCHIVE Tarot Articles