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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part III

The Sun
Bonnie Moss 2004-04(c)

you see it all under my bright light nothing can be hidden you see the good, the bad and the ugly. look at life at the surface or delve deeper and let things come to light, for good or bad the choice is yours.. i am here to share my brightness when your day is cloudy and dreary for life is not all sweet music and dance sway with the rhythmn, savor the moment fill every fiber of your mind, body and soul with music, bask in my warmth let it radiate through you to give you solace and strength when you need it most look for the silver lining,see the clarity shine through clouds of confusion i follow the MOON, she cautions you about the fears , illusions or delusions you bring upon yourself i bring the light after darkness, enlightenment after turmoil and chaos, a new understanding, calm and serenity, and faith to move forward. i bring you energy that you may achieve all that you can. weave the elements of success to bring out the most exquisite tapestry in your life that you never dreamt of. this, is possible as i visit your day, brighten it with my light, i am the SUN Tarot Articles Article Archive INDEX