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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part 1

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-18(c)

i am also known as fortitude. i offer strength beyond all planes, above me floats the sign of infinity, as with the magician. i bear the feminine aspect of infinite strength, the power of the feminine principle. seek refuge not from this earth, trust in the divine and freedom is yours. be all that you can be, in mind, body and spirit. blend them in harmony, stand by your moral convictions and judge not others. feel the power of your spirit, let its energy flow for without this , victory is empty. succumb not to unbridled passions, tame the roar of the lion calling within. life is not without struggle between good and evil forces. find a wholesome expression of your ego for this will bring you freedom. when i come your way,i show the way of gentle firmness.refine the strengths of your spirit, extinguish the flame of brutal force , tame that forceful, destructive strength i am STRENGTH, please tread ever so gently. ARTICLE ARCHIVE Tarot Articles

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