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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part III

The Star

Bonnie Moss 2004-03-9(c)


Ahh! what is life without dreams, without aspirations,without visions? devoid of hope,of love. look to the heavens, gaze at the stars. there is inspiration, there is hope, make a wish, dare to dream. feel the light from the stars feel the magic stir within your spirit. i freely pour the waters of life, offer the gifts of spirit. the universe is filled with beauty, abundant in its splendor; if you only embrace it with all your heart let the radiance within your soul shine, feel the strength and the power of love, tenderness and compassion. share it with the world around you. for you are one with the universe i bring inspiration to the depths of your soul, hope when despair overwhelms you, heal your deep pains and sorrows, rise from the ashes of your shattered faiths and shattered dreams. find your inner strength, let it guide you to love and fulfillment. i offer renewed confidence,trust in your inner guidance,follow your own star, it is meant for you. reach out to me, hold me in your hands. i am the STAR Tarot Articles Article Archive