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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part III

The Moon

Bonnie Moss 2004-03-23(c)


do you see the moon following you as you stroll under a moonlit sky i cast a cool brightness, quiet, mysterious and at times mystical.i open the portals into your sub-conscious. let your mind wander far and wide, beware�that you do not confuse illusion with reality. shadows lurk around the corners, before you,behind you, and as you gaze from side to side. i dance with the natural cycles , i follow the rhythm of the seasons many things in this world are affected by my many faces, more than man can imagine. i can delve deep into your being, into your soul, that innermost part of you where your hopes , dreams and secrets lie hidden. when you walk under my light, i urge you to confront your fears, bring the shadows out , release the burden it imposes on you. go deep, very deep into your soul and let your intuitive self come alive. often, secrets buried deep are difficult to let go, this is a time to look within and let those shadows go. acknowledge them, learn from them; then burn it away under my cool brightness. shadows hide the uncertainties, sadness, grief and anger. these cast clouds that hinder your chance at love, forgiveness and happiness this, i come to remind you as you walk with me , the MOON

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