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Walking the Path with the Majors- Part II

Bonnie Moss 2004-01-30(c)

i sit between two pillars as does the High priestess, the mysteries I hold are for you, to help you find your way i pass judgment, i ensure that laws are obeyed. this i do with the gift of enlightenment with love and compassion i draw my authority from higher wisdom i hold the scales to let you know that there is balance in this life. you hold it within you for good or bad is fairness important to you? what secrets do you hold deep within, hidden from your conscious self, do you take pride in your deeds? or you feel the need to justify every move? what angry thoughts , what bitterness what pain your heart endures buried in the deep recesses, but never forgotten nor forgiven oh! yes! yet when darkness envelopes you- ask: where is justice? many times you feel life is not being fair to you? and often ask why me ? i deserve better- where is justice? you see the sword in one hand, the scales in the other.I stand for the active principle of cosmic law. the lady of the lake rises and hands arthur the excalibur- with all the power and protection these gfts bestow, the lady reminds him there is a court, mightier than his. acknowledge yourself, regain your personal power. listen to the voice of your soul, of your body, take care of the material needs this earthly life demands. have faith that the universe will not fail you. find the balance that nurtures life. live your life in harmony, be noble,be just to each one that crosses your path then...you need not seek justice, for you are living it.

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